We Cannot thank Ryan and the rest of the staff enough for everything they’ve done for our family. Our son, Ben, has always had huge goals. Playing for the Lumberjacks has given him outstanding opportunities and the exposure that is needed to get to the next level. The organization is truly passionate about their teams and is personally invested in each and every player, ensuring they get the most out of their own careers. Our experience with the Lumberjacks organization is unmatched and we are grateful for all they’ve done for us!

The Waife Family

I was convinced to come to a tryout for ECL when I was 13, and it was the best decision I have ever made. The life lessons I have learned and the being a part of the program is something that you can’t get anywhere else, it truly feels like family. The relationships I’ve made throughout the entire organization will last a lifetime. Being surrounded by other extremely hard working and determined players is the best thing you can do for your development, and when speaking of the lumberjacks, that is unmatched here. The time and effort Coach Pembroke puts into his players is also unmatched. He is hands down the hardest working coach you will ever find. I am extremely thankful for everything Coach Pembroke, Coach Dan, Coach Reichenbach, Coach Strovink, and others in this organization have done for me. Playing for the Lumberjacks will help you reach your highest potential, on and off the field. It’s been a blessing to be part of the ECL organization and family and I’m beyond excited to see where we are headed as a group.

Ben Waife
Shelter Island HS 2024
College of Charleston 2028

The Lumberjacks have been a great experience. It has allowed me to play with and against the best competition while getting top-notch exposure. The coaches are also great, helping me grow as a baseball player and person.

Justin Higgins
St. Luke’s 2023
Davidson University 2027

I would like to thank Ryan and Dan Pembroke for having the foresight to provide an opportunity for local players to be part of a professionally run organization and face national level competition. Their business plan is different than any other in this area and their philosophy was the main reason that our son Braden reached his goal of committing to a Division 1 school.

My wife Erin and I knew after attending our first workout that the East Coast Lumberjacks were different than anything we had seen. The level of coaching and the efficiency of the drills was impressive. Ryan’s post practice speech, which is always entertaining, preached the importance of continual pursuit of greatness through daily hard work. He talked about a typical game day in college as having a full day of classes, a 3 hour bus ride, playing the game and then doing homework by the flashlight on their phones on the bus ride back. He’s straightforward and knows what it takes to get to and succeed at the next level. His message is credible because he is a great example of constant effort. It seems that he is always on a field or in a facility, working with players.

As the coach of a youth team that uses the same facility as the lumberjacks, he and I have spent many days over the last few winters together. He is always on site when I arrive and always there when I leave. The joke is that he’s got a cot in the back. I’ve been told by guys he’s played with in the pros that he’s the hardest working guy in the business.

By traveling to many of the major tournaments, we saw the skill level in our age group and realized that there was a tremendous amount of improvement needed. The Lumberjack method is to expose kids to this reality and hopefully, it will motivate them. It certainly did with our son and the rest of his teammates. It’s starting to pay off as the 2021 Lumberjacks gained recognition by beating the #1 team in the country and last summer the 2022 Lumberjacks won the Perfect Game National Championship in Florida…they have the rings to prove it!

Ryan has connections with a tremendous amount of recruiters and coaches at the college level and with scouts and executives at the Major League level. He works tirelessly to gain exposure for his players and is their greatest advocate. Since 2016, the Lumberjacks have had over 144 players commit to college programs, 103 (so far) to Division 1!

We would like to thank Braden’s Head Coaches Reichenbach, who has coached Braden since he was 7, and Strovink and the many other Lumberjack coaches who’ve instructed and mentored him. This organization is filled with baseball lifers whose passion and dedication are evident. When we were considering the Lumberjacks, we read the testimonials on their website. It sounded like these players and their families would run through a wall for this team. Now we know why!

Glen and Erin Davis

We joined the Lumberjacks because it has a combination of great elements that are hard to find all together in travel baseball. Great coaches, positive environment, and while there is certainly a desire to win, the development of the kids as both baseball players and young men comes first. I think the Lumberjacks are a program on the rise nationally and we are happy we are part of it.

Jim Higgins

When I was 13 years old, I joined the East Coast Lumberjacks. At first, I was a little hesitant because I was still young, and didn’t want to leave my small travel team with my friends from my town. Coach Strovink invited me to a tryout, and my Dad convinced me to go. I walked into the tryout and the first thing I saw was TJ Werner spinning the fastest double plays I have ever seen. I had never seen the game so fast, and as soon as I saw that, I knew this was the place to be.

There are many other organizations around, but trust me when I say this, nothing compares to what the East Coast Lumberjacks do. The dedication to the players individually, and the relationships that are developed throughout the process are something that is unmatched. Through my 4 years of playing with the Lumberjacks, I have made so many friends with the players, developed new relationships with coaches, and had the most incredible opportunities of my career. Coach Ryan Pembroke and Coach Dan Pembroke do the best job at running an organization I have ever seen, and you just don’t see it in other organizations.

I cannot thank Coach Pembroke enough for everything he has done for me; practicing during tornadoes and hail storms, putting in an incredible amount of effort throughout the process, and overall making me the best player I can be. I know that without the direction the Lumberjacks put me in, and the ability to compete at the highest level at tournaments in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and many other places, I wouldn’t be where I am today or where I am going with my baseball career. Coach Pem taught me to be a savage, and put in all my effort to be the best that I can be. No one around does it quite like him. You have to play for the best if you want to be the best. It’s as simple as that.

I want to thank the whole Lumberjack organization for putting in all the effort they can to help me play at the next level, and continue pursuing my dreams to play professional baseball.

Braden Davis
Saint John the Baptist 2023
University of Maine 2027

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Coach Ryan and Dan and all the coaches with ECL truly care about each and every one of their players. They work extremely hard to get their players noticed by colleges across the country. They pushed me to be the best possible ball player I could be. This team became my family and I am so grateful to have been part of such an incredible organization. If you’re looking to play against the best competition in the nation, work hard and be a part of some thing really special than the East Coast Lumberjacks is the place for you!

LJ Bohne
Mount Sinai High School 2022
Adelphi University 2026

We’d like to thank coach Ryan, Dan, Elliott, Strov and the rest of the East Coast Lumberjacks for the experience of a lifetime. The opportunity our son had to play at a national level and against some of the toughest competition out there has been incredible. The confidence and skills that he has learned under the leadership of the organization are second to none. Coach Pembroke is truly passionate about his team and is personally invested in each and every player. Joining the ECL family in 2018 was the best decision we could have ever made. We are grateful for the training, the guidance and the life long friendships developed along the way. We are so excited for our son LJ’s commit to Adelphi University and can’t wait watch him continue to play the sport he loves!

Kristy and Lani Bohne
Go Jacks!

There are millions of places we could have signed our son up to play the game he loves of baseball, but when he attended a workout with the Lumberjacks he said he felt like he was at home. Our son Justin, started playing with this team his freshman year in high school. Since then, they have helped him grow, on and off the field tremendously. The parents and families were also terrific. The Lumberjacks have a tremendous team of coaches. To name some of them, there is Coach Brennon, Coach Reichenback, Coach Dan, and Coach Elliot. These are coaches my family respect as one of the best coaches our son has had in his baseball career. In the Lumberjack’s baseball program, our son can attest to having access with a tremendous team of coaching and mentors. At the top of the organization there is Coach Ryan Pembroke. He presents high expectations for all of his players in the organization. Moreover, all of the Lumberjack coaches believe that being a role model is more than playing baseball well and shining alone. It’s not so much about your individual “win” but the win of all. It is more about working with others as a team to ensure that they all shine together, in every aspect of life. It was their guidance and encouragement that inspired our son Justin and helped him strive and obtain greatness. As a freshman Justin was invited by the coach Pembroke to play above his age group to high-end tournaments to challenge himself. The Coaches instilled in them that giving up was never an option and that hard work was the only way to succeed, on and off the field. With their support, Justin is committed to The United States Military Academy, also known as West Point, “Army” and looking forward to attending in 2023. As a parent I was looking for an organization that understood the value of education but also played great competition. They understand the importance of when education and sports come together, it really assists in creating a whole and balance in an individual. Success is always sweeter when you put your heart and soul into anything that you do! We are sad that the end is near but we will always be a part of the Lumberjack family.

Kelly & Anthony Lopez
Parents of Justin Lopez

4 years ago I came to the East Coast Lumberjacks and I can’t thank all of my coaches for the opportunities I was given throughout all 4 summers. Coach Pembroke made the recruiting process easy and they given me opportunities to play in front of some of the best college’s in the world. My four years of my hard work with the lumberjacks have payed off and I will be attending West Point to further my academic and athletic career. The faith and competitive edge that Coach Pembroke has shows in the tournaments we play in. Me and My teammates played in some of the best competition in the Country and it only made me better to have experience that others may not have. I cannot thank my coaches enough for the position I am being put in.

Justin Lopez
Saint Joseph’s by the Sea 2023
Army West Point 2027

The opportunity to play with the Lumberjacks presented itself after I had been taking hitting lessons with Coach Pembroke. I am so grateful to play for coaches who display and encourage integrity and leadership both on and off the field. Coach Strovink has high expectations us, and he pushes us to be better as players, teammates, and people. This organization helped me develop, and gave me exposure to high level competition. The support and expectation of the coaches and the opportunity to play with talented teammates have made it possible for me to succeed in this sport, and to commit to the USMA at West Point baseball program.

Robbie Melo
Patchogue-Medford High School 2024
Army West Point 2028

Our son, Robbie joined the Lumberjack family in the winter of 2019. Ryan invited us down to some workouts and to see if we would be interested in joining the up-and-coming 2024 team. From the first few winter workouts, we knew this was the place to be. You definitely could tell this team of experienced coaches had the players one hundred percent buying in. Compared to the other organizations we were asked to join, there was no doubt that Ryan and Dan had something special here. We have seen our son grow into an all-around better player than when he first started with them. Coach Strovink is an absolute asset to the organization with his knowledge of the game and his dedication to each and every player that crosses his path. If you want to play at the next level, there is no doubt in my mind this is the place you have to be. We cannot thank all of these coaches enough for what they have done for our son!

Rob and Heather Melo

My family’s experience with the Lumberjacks has been fantastic!   It was an odd choice of teams given we live in Virginia, but the Lumberjacks were highly recommended by a former coach so we took a chance.   It turned out to be the absolute best decision.

The kids and parents were very welcoming towards my son Bobby,  my wife and I right from the start. The quality of play was stellar with impressive wins in some really high end tournaments.  Coach Ryan immediately started working the phones to get coaches interested and to get them out to the events to see Bobby pitch.  Ultimately Bobby accepted a roster spot at D-1 Merrimack College, the perfect fit for him both athletically and academically.  

This is our second time through the process as our older son is also currently a D-1 pitcher, so we’ve  been on and been associated with many great teams over the years.  The Lumberjacks are clearly at the head of the class.  

We could not have been happier to make the Lumberjacks our team for the last year of showcase and are  incredibly excited for the opportunity that now lies ahead.

Jim Loper,
Chesapeake VA

Last spring our son Michael (’22) was looking for a 17U team for the summer/fall of ’21. As a verbally committed player he needed a team that played a top national schedule, and also had many high quality college bound players. We were very fortunate that Michael ended up with the East Coast Lumberjacks. From the first tournament in June we could see that the program was well run and the coaching was outstanding (Ryan Pembroke, Dan Pembroke and Elliott Ayala), as was the schedule of tournaments. As the summer unfolded we saw what a deep and talented team the coaches had assembled, as the 2022 Jacks piled up pool wins and final fours in multiple Perfect Game tournaments, and won the PG BCS tournament in Ft. Myers in late July. We also realized how much emphasis the Lumberjacks place on character and family when choosing their players. To a man the players were all hard working, respectful, coachable, talented and turned into a real brotherhood over the summer. The parents and families were also terrific. Although my son was already committed, a number of his teammates were not and we saw the coaching staff working consistently to help every player find a school that was a good fit. There is tremendous talent at all levels of the program and the Lumberjacks are not only an up and coming program in the northeast but nationally as well. If you have what it takes to play at this level of competition and commitment, we highly recommend the Lumberjacks.

Mike and Mary Lombardi

The East Coast Lumberjacks are a different breed of coaches, players, and parents. I could not have picked a better organization to become a part of for my junior summer. The Lumberjacks is not just an opportunity to play for a great team at the highest level, it’s an opportunity to become part of a family. The coaches are an outstanding group of guys who can not only show you what it takes to be the best player you can be, but also show you what how to be a great person. I would like to thank Coach Ryan for the countless hours he has put in to get me where I’m going, and I would like to thank Coach Dan, Coach Elliot, and Coach Eric as well for their help throughout the summer. This past season was by far the most fun and competitive season I have been a part of so far in my career, and there is no other group of guys I would rather have done it with.

Bobby Loper
Hickory High School 2022
Merrimack College 2026

I just wanted to thank you Coach Ryan, coach Dan, and coach Elliot for everything you guys have done for me and my family. I can’t imagine playing summer ball with a different organization. With everything I’ve been through with my shoulder you guys have always believed in me and done everything in your power to do what’s best for me and my teammates. There is not better organization in the country that has this sense of family and you guys are the best at what you guys do.

Ryan Cook
Whitesboro High School 2022
Central Connecticut State University 2026

Coming to the lumberjacks as a 13 year old was one of the best decisions I could have made. Coach Ryan, Dan, Elliot, and Strov all helped me develop into not only a better player, but a better man. The life lessons I have learned and the family aspect of the program is something that you can’t get anywhere else. During the summer, the lumberjacks travel a national schedule playing the best competition at the best venues. It is truly an incredible experience. Coach Pembroke is one of the hardest working people I know, he will work nonstop to get players to the schools of their dreams. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to spend the last 5 years of my life in an ECL uniform. Roll Mules!

Evan Virno
Bellport High School 2022
Muhlenberg College 2026

East coast lumberjacks is an orginazation like no other. This organization is second to none when it comes to player development and preperation. This is a place where you will not only compete against the best in the country while on a top ranked team, but you will be prepared to step on a college baseball field after your time with the Lumberjacks. There is not much else to say besides, if you are serious about playing the best competition and playing at the next level this is without a doubt the place for you. Finally, I would like to thank the East Coast Lumberjacks staff for all they have done to prepare me and help hone my skills. Without coaches like Dan, Strovink, Reichenbach, Justin, Elliot and especially Ryan, I wouldn’t be going to play division 1 baseball at Fordham.

Liam Bowes
Shoreham Wading River 2022
Fordham University 2026

Dear Ryan, Dan, Elliot, Eric, Justin, all the ECL staff, players, and families (past and present):

I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you have done for Liam over the past ten years. Liam started hitting with Coach Ryan and Coach Dan at the age of 6 in 2010. Since that time, in one way or another, you have been a tremendous positive influence on the trajectory of Liam’s baseball career. After Liam joined coach Strovink’s inaugural 13U Lumberjacks team in 2017, the pace of baseball learning has been demanding and nonstop. The Lumberjacks offer players multiple opportunities to train, challenge, and hone their baseball skills against some of the best players in the country. In four short years (which seems like TEN, given all the practices, games, and tournaments), the 2022 Lumberjack Liam plays with is now ranked by Perfect Game as #1 Northeast baseball team and 18th Nationwide! They have become the best players, coaches, and best teams, that they sought to emulate. This tremendous achievement reflects the shared dedication of the Lumberjack coaches, players, and families to constantly challenge our abilities and aspirations. Securing a spot on Fordham University’s D1 baseball team is Liam’s dream realized, and we now look forward to raising the bar again. The life lessons acquired over the past four years as East Coast Lumberjack, and the friendships forged, will provide Liam the foundation skills and fortitude necessary for success in baseball, college, and life.

Chris Bowes 

I’m proud to say I was a Lumberjack and attribute a ton of my success to the ECL organization. The Coach’s made the recruiting process effortless for me. All the Coach’s always had my best interest in mind from Day one. Ryan Pembroke spent many hours pushing my name to Coach’s and countless organizations. The team became a family to me very quickly and I’ll forever be grateful for the Lumberjack Coaching staff.

Connor McCreery
P27 Academy 2022
University of South Carolina 2026

My son Connor began with Ryan and the Lumberjacks as a very unpolished and mechanically unsound pitcher. After two seasons and a lot of work with Ryan, Dan and the pitching coaches, he just committed to pitch for the University of South Carolina. Connor’s development as a baseball player and as a person was entirely due to the incredible work ethic and individual attention given to him by Ryan and the Lumberjack coaches. No coach in the country works harder to develop and advocate to college coaches for every kid on his roster then Ryan does. If your son is fortunate enough to play for Ryan and his staff, the sky is the limit for both his level of improvement and visibility to college coaches throughout the country.

Bill McCreery 

My son Billy Steele just started pitching in the fall of 2020 in Shoreham NY.  While Billy could have played for many teams, we decided that the best possible organization he could be a part of for his only chance to get recruited in the summer of 2021 as a pitcher, was the East Coast Lumberjacks and to play for Coach Ryan Pembroke.

In addition to playing the best possible schedule / competition during the summer of 2021. Coach Pembroke has amazing relationships with so many College coaches of all levels.  The coaches trust his opinion, and his recommendation goes a very long way.   With the Covid-19 situation and  the NCAA extending eligibility to current college players, his connections will be even more valuable to high school players for at least the next few years. The ECL also has the best coaching staff I have seen in the area and work extremely hard teaching the players the right way to play the game.  If you take into consideration the amount of practice time and schedule played, I believe the Lumberjacks are more cost effective than other organizations.

My son went from being an unknown pitcher last fall to now getting an opportunity to be part of the Army- West Point Baseball program and even more importantly, getting an  unbelievable education.  Playing for Coach Ryan and the Lumberjacks literally has changed his life path.  Our family couldn’t be happier.

Bill Steele Sr. 
Shoreham, NY

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks has been the most beneficial choice of my life. This organization has developed me into a better player and person more than I could’ve ever imagined. I could not be more happy with the teams Coach Pembroke puts together. It’s like a family and we get to travel and play with some of the best talent this country has to offer. All the time and effort Coach Pembroke puts into his players is unmatched. He is hands down the hardest working coach you will ever find. He will work endlessly to find a school that is best for you. I couldn’t be more proud to have been part of the Lumberjacks!

Matthew Carrera
Mount Sinai High School 2022
Sacred Heart 2026

I am grateful for the East Coast Lumberjacks ability to develop me as a player.  I was lucky enough to join the team 4 years ago.  Coach Strovink was an inspirational and talented coach that got me to be the best I could be.  Both Ryan and Dan Pembroke also amazing coaches; brought me to the next level.  All the tournaments that we attended were the best of the best which only made me better.  This outstanding coaching talent and my dedication to baseball has given me the opportunity to play for a Division 1 college baseball team.  GO SHARKS!

Matt McGurk
Commack HS 2022
Long Island University 2026

Our son, Matthew Carrera, joined the Lumberjack family in the fall of 2019. Looking back, this was one of the best decisions as parents, we could have helped him make. He has a true passion for baseball that needed to be nurtured and this was the place!

The journey began for us the summer prior, in June, when Matthew was invited to attend a camp program at George Washington University, filling in as an infielder. There was not much our son asked us for, but not missing this opportunity at that moment, meant the world to him. It was that weekend that we got to observe and experience just how special the East Coast Lumberjacks organization truly is.

It is without hesitation that we can say all of the coaches, including, Ryan Pembroke, Dan Pembroke, Elliott Ayala, Eric, Brennan and Kyle Strovink have all had such positive influences on Matthew. By them leading by example and sharing their expertise, they have all helped form Matthew into becoming an awesome person as well as a fantastic ball player both on and off the field. The message of having a hard work ethic, attitude and commitment hit home with us and our son from day one and stuck. Their rigorous workouts and highly competitive schedule have earned Matthew the chance to compete against some of the best baseball talent along the eastcoast.

We are so very proud to say we have had the chance to be a part of the East Coast Lumberjack family. Thank you for assisting Matthew in finding his next baseball home. It makes us proud to say he will be playing D1 ball at Sacred Heart University in the fall of 2022.

The Carrera Family

We have to say that joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was the best decision we made for our son.  They offer one team per grad year so that they can focus on being the most outstanding baseball organization out there.  The dedication from the coaches rivals the finest in the nation.  The coaches practice what they preach and are wonderful role models for the players.  These coaches offer encouragement and provide constant motivation to push players to new baseball heights.

The East Coast Lumberjacks have given our son the tools he needed to be ready to always play at the highest level.  He played on a national level schedule, which included the nation’s best teams.  This schedule allowed for many opportunities for him to be seen by college scouts. The coaches have so many connections to play at the college level and beyond, which makes the recruiting process smooth.

The East Coast Lumberjacks have taught more than baseball skills.  This organization gives young men the ability to become the best they can be;  ECL strives for 110% at all times, demands dedication to athletic and physical fitness, and created an amazing baseball family that we couldn’t have foreseen.  Our son will have baseball friends for life as will we.

We joined ECL in 2017 based on a recommendation from a friend; we were looking for a skills-based team that focused on college recruiting.  We have never looked back.  The 2018 14U season was the first offered by ECL for 2022 high school graduates.  We couldn’t have imagined back then, that in August of 2021 the 2022 team would be rated number 1 by Perfect Game in the Mid-Atlantic region and ranked 18th in the country.

Many of you reading this are reading it because you are looking for an elite travel team that will take your son to the college level and beyond, you have found it!  GO JACKS!

Thank you Ryan, Dan, Elliott, Strov, and the rest of the ECL coaching staff.

Mike & Kim McGurk

Our son 4 years ago got an opportunity to play for the East Coast Lumberjacks and we are so thankful for the whole ECL family accepting Brian in. The coaches made it clear they want the kids to succeed and will put the work into getting everything out of the player, preparing them for the next level. That requires the individual player to put the work in as well, and that creates competition a never ending battle to succeed. Thank you to the 23’s coaches Eric aka “Big Red” and coach Brennan, you gave Brian the confidence he needed and made these upstaters family . Ryan Pembroke, brother Dan, and the other ECL coaches, keep pushing these boys to be the best they can be and continue to create “STUDS”. Nothing but appreciation and love for y’all!!

Brian & Amee’ Zbytniewski
“Zibby Family”

I wanna thank Coach Pembroke and the whole East coast Lumberjacks coaching staff for making the recruiting process going as good and as fun as possible . For the 4 years I’ve been apart of the organization from playing for coach Pem, Dan , Red and Elliot it has been a very awesome and fun experience. These coaches make it fun and enjoyable at the same time as pushing me and my teammates too be the best I can possibly be. Great program if you are serious in playing college baseball!

Brian Zbytniewski
Whitesboro HS 2022
Mercy College 2026

I would like to thank the coaches from the Lumberjacks organization for making the recruiting process so smooth and effortless…for pushing my son and being 100% dedicated too making the boys on the team the best they could be every day. From the winter workouts to the countless practices at Mt Sinai the coaches molded the boys into the best they can be. All of the coaches from 14u up to 17u we played under where the best it gets. Always put the boys 1st… can’t thank coach Pembroke and everyone in the organization enough for everything.

Kelly Benhardt

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After the COVID-19 spring season was canceled and there was no baseball for a while, I decided to go down to Georgia to play a national tournament with them. This made me realize that this was the place to be. The competition was second to none, my teammates treated me like family and the coaches were the best of the best. The amount of exposure to colleges you get from playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks is unmatched. All the coaches have amazing connections to find the right place for their players to play at the next level. ECL is truly a one of a kind experience. I could not thank this organization enough for giving me all of these amazing opportunities. With that being said, I would like to announce my commitment to St. John’s University. #redstorm

Chris Batuyios
Mount Sinai HS 2023
St. John’s University 2027

I wanna thank Coach Pembroke and the whole ECL coaching staff for making the recruiting process smooth and as easy as possible. From the 3 years I’ve been apart of the organization from playing under Coach Strovink too coach Pem, Dan , and Elliot it had been an awesome ride…they make it fun and enjoyable at the same time as pushing you and your teammates too be the best you possibly could be. Best in the business hands down!

Nic Benhardt
Rocky Point HS 2022
Central Connecicut State University 2026

Throughout my playing time in high school and travel baseball I always strived to play baseball at atop rate school like Seton Hall. Through hard work and good luck; I have been fortunate enough to be coached by talented leaders and stand side by side with outstanding athletes. Because of this I have had amazing opportunities to play for many Division 1 Colleges. My decision to go to Seton Hall was made easy by the history of the school, strong academics and Baseball program/coaching staff. I am looking for to being part of the Seton Hall Pirates Family.

Colin Dowlen
Middletown North 2022
Seton Hall University 2026

Choosing to play with the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions that I have made in my baseball career. As soon as I joined the organization Coach Pembroke was working to get me talking to schools. The coaches really care about their players and put us against the best teams possible in order for us to show our skills against top competition. Playing against high level players has certainly made me a better player and prepared me to play at the next level. The coaches teach you from day 1 that nothing will be given to you without hard work. The guys on the team are some of the best people that I know and the relationships that we have built will surely last forever. If it wasn’t for Coach Pembroke and the Lumberjacks organization I will never have been able to play college baseball at West Point and I cannot thank them enough!

Billy Steele
Shoreham Wading River HS 2022
Army West Point 2026

ECL where do I start, ever since I joined East Coast Lumberjacks it has been like a family to me since day one. Everyone connects right away and we all have a great time during everything and it always feels like a brotherhood. You can’t go wrong with East Coast because everything about it is a baseball players dream. Every summer is a great time just because of the exposure, competition and everybody coming together to bond before and after games. Coach Pem, Coach Dan and Coach Elliot all do a great job making sure we play this game to our very best and reach our full potential of a high school baseball player before heading off the college. Four years ago I joined this brotherhood and the experience has been one of the best, all the great memories, games, etc. I’m glad that I made the choice to join ECL and they got me to where I am today as a player and a person.

Brandon Peterson
P27 Academy 2022
NJIT 2026

i cannot thank the east coast lumberjacks organization enough for all they have done for me. making the decision to join this program is one of the best baseball decisions i have ever made. playing for this team and with coach pembroke, expect to get better, get noticed, and change your life. coach pembroke does everything you could ask for from a coach. teaches the game, talks to so many colleges, and will do all he can to get you to the next level. the tournaments you attend are the ones you want to be at, loaded with talent and coaches to give you the chance to shine. college coaches respect him and ask for his advice on each of his players. his help and commitment to the team and to each player is unmatched. without coach pembroke, his staff, and this wonderful program, i would never have the opportunity that i have now of going to UCONN and playing the game i love! i am a lumberjack forever. RollSkies!

Jude Abbadessa
Niles Senior High School 2022
UCONN 2026

We cannot say enough accolades about Ryan Pembroke, the coaching staff, and the East Coast Lumberjacks!

Our son Jude Abbadessa has been a part of many teams throughout his baseball career and coached by many – and this team by far exceeds our expectations.

The dedication and commitment from the coaches to each and every player is amazing.

From day 1 Jude, as well as our family, were welcomed and became part of the ECL family. The team competes in top level tournaments and against top level teams from across the nation. This helps prepare them for the next level and trust us when we say Coach Pembroke will do all he can to get your son to that next level. He will also make sure that it is the best fit for your son. Ryan’s persistent attention to Jude’s future both on and off the field helped with Jude’s commitment to play division 1 baseball at UCONN.

Coach Pembroke is not just about baseball, but instead, with the total development of each player.  Each player gets his full attention and opportunity to develop and show their talents. His commitment to his players exceeds all other conditions!! He is always there for your son, answers texts and calls immediately and will make sure you know that he is there – anytime!

The loyalty he receives from parents and players is a testament to Ryan and his staff!

We could not be happier with Jude playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks.

The friendships he, as well as we, have developed will last a lifetime.

We are so thankful to all the coaches for their commitment, dedication and knowledge of the game. We truly consider it a blessing to be a part of the ECL organization and family.

Alicia and Vince Abbadessa

Four years ago we got an opportunity to play for the East Coast Lumberjacks. After the try out we knew Brandon had to put in the work and the competitive schedule is exactly what we needed. If you want to be the best you have to play the best amd that is what the Lumberjacks offered. Most importantly the coaches want the kids to succeed and will put the work in to get you into school and will require the player to put the work in as well, and that is what you want. Thank you to Ryan, Dan & Elliot.

Andre Peterson

Our son Josh Knoth came on the lumberjacks by chance . The pandemic put us in a position where his normal travel team was not going to play and Josh was getting hitting lessons from Ryan Pembroke. Ryan spoke with us and wanted us to try it out . We went down to a tournament in Georgia and realized that this was the place he had to play. The competition was second to none and the amount of time all of the coaches put into the program is amazing. Ryan spent countless hours talking with many colleges despite the pandemic and found the right fit for him. I can’t thank the entire organization enough for all they have done . 

Karl Knoth

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks has been one of the best baseball decisions I have ever made. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this organization. The East Coast Lumberjacks have given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had at anywhere else, no organization is as committed to the development of their players as the Lumberjacks. If you want to play division 1 baseball there is no doubt that the Lumberjacks is where you want to be. I can’t thank this organization enough for all it has done for me and my family by giving me opportunities i’d never thought i’d get. Without the help of Coach Pembroke and all the Lumberjack coaches I would not be able to say that I am committed to play division 1 baseball at The College of Charleston.

Josh Knoth
Patchogue-Medford HS 2023
College of Charleston 2027

I could not be more thankful for being a part of the East Coast Lumberjacks organization. The Lumberjack brand was something I was always impressed with, even before I went to my first tryout. When I first joined the ECL family in Fall 2019, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by the players and coaches. From then on I knew that ECL was the place to be.

The amount of exposure as a player for ECL you get from college coaches is unmatched by any other program in the Northeast. The ECL coaching staff has so many great connections to help find players their next home. After my first tournament with ECL I already had schools interested in me for their college programs, which is a very good feeling for a baseball player who has aspirations to play at a high level in college and hopefully beyond into professional baseball. When COVID-19 shut down all in person recruiting for NCAA Division I programs, it affected a lot of people and travel ball programs across the country. However, this did not stop the coaches from encouraging the players to keep working hard, as well as continuing to get players seen by college coaches through the use of social media. The coaching staff from the East Coast Lumberjacks will stop at nothing to make sure you get seen and recruited by a college program. In addition to this, the coaches are always available to guide you and help you through your recruiting process.

The East Coast Lumberjacks turned me into a different baseball player. The training they provide for their players is elite and you will see almost immediate results. All of the coaches have great baseball knowledge and backgrounds. With one team per age group, it is ensured that you will get one-on-one time with the coaches, rather than being another number in an organization. I personally have seen great improvements in all aspects of my game thanks to ECL.

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks was the best decision I have made in my life and my baseball career. I have had some of the best experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life, playing with guys I’ll know for the rest of my life. Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks is no joke. They are committed to playing against the best competition and making you the best ball player you can be. All of this I experienced in one year with ECL, and I’m excited that I have one more to go! Thank you East Coast Lumberjacks, for everything.

Tucker Genovesi
The Stony Brook School 2022
High Point University 2026

Our son, Tucker Genovesi, joined the ECL family in the fall of 2019. We started with local weekend tournaments in New Jersey and attending PG events down south. Tucker had opportunities to showcase his skills in front of many eyes. Almost immediately Tucker was hearing from coaches who wanted to get to know him better and continue to follow his progress.

When COVID severely impacted Tucker’s opportunities, Coach Ryan encouraged him to pivot quickly…start sending emails and videos. He made connections with an amazing coach/videographer (Shout-out to Coach Buddy!) and met the COVID challenges head on. He warned the players that the recruiting process would get more difficult and they would needed to work harder and think out of the box. He was honest about the reality, but didn’t let the boys give up or get discouraged.

All the coaches work hard (day and night), both on the field, and behind the scenes. They are constantly working to help the boys find the right fit. They have great connections and rapport with college coaches and when the time comes, they are experienced in guiding the boys through the recruitment process.

Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, and Coach Elliot are very demanding and have high expectations. They are preparing the boys for the next level. As a result, the boys work hard and become very close. Although they are all trying to showcase their individual skills, they prioritize the team over personal, and as a result the team achieves success. With that, personal achievement naturally follows.

We are very grateful for the ECL coaches, players, and families. Our experience has been wonderful and we have made (and will continue to make) great memories and friends here. Thank you all!

The Genovesi Family
John & Liz

Joining the ECL family is one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. Without playing at the level we do and having the coaching staff we have, I would not be where I am today. No organization is as committed to the development of their players as the Lumberjacks. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and NCAA dead period, Coach Pembroke still got me in contact with multiple schools which eventually led to a commitment. It truly is a one of a kind experience you will not find with any other organization. I would recommend ECL to any baseball player looking to take their game to the next level. With that being said, i’m excited to announce my commitment to The George Washington University.  #raisehigh

Max Reichenbach
Mount Sinai High School 2023
George Washington University 2027

When i joined ECL i was surprised how much of a family this team was. I joined mid season and they welcomed me with open arms. Coach Pembroke is one of the best around and helped me a ton with my recruiting process. IF you’re looking to play high level baseball while having a support system of coaches who will reach out to anyone for you ECL is the family for you.

Christian Rice
Colts Neck HS 2022
Wofford University 2026

Truly the hardest working coach I have ever met in youth sports. Our family has several players who have gone through the travel baseball experience and I can say without hesitation you will not have a better experience anywhere. We first met Coach Pembroke 5 years ago when we were playing travel baseball with another nationally recognized organization. ECL has the coaches, the facilities and the ability to gain access to all the top level tournaments. The coaching staff is professional in every way and they surround themselves with players who are top of the line. The teams compete wherever they go and continue to rise in recognition for high quality baseball talent on the east coast. Having one team per grad year means they are dedicated to that team to find equal competition and no issues about who is being looked at more closely than others on the team.

What separates ECL from any other travel organization is Ryan Pembroke. He is honest with players about where they can play and works tirelessly to find a collegiate experience that matches the player needs. He works directly with the players and is always willing to talk. Our son Matt had the unfortunate experience of trying to get recruited during the beginning and height of the COVID19 shutdown. This meant, no visits, no showcases and very few live game situations for recruitment. Despite that, Coach Pembroke continued to contact schools, find events for him to play in and went above and beyond to help sponsor him to join P27 Baseball Academy which led to more opportunities. Its not magic, the player has to have the ability and drive to make the opportunities provided to him into a success. All we can ask for as parents is honesty in the process and opportunities to make dreams come true. Like no other organization, ECL has worked with Matt to make a life changing opportunity a reality.

Matt and Anna Martinez

I could not be happier that I chose to play for the East Coast Lumberjacks organization last fall. The amount of work Coach Pembroke does for my teammates and I is unreal. If we ever need anything, baseball related or not baseball related, Pem will always answer our texts in minutes. He will always tell you how it is and makes sure you know where you stand with the team and with recruiting. The whole ECL family will not only make you a better player on the field, but off the field as well. Becoming a part of the ECL family gives you life long bonds with your coaches and teammates while competing at nationally recognized tournaments. The schedule that we have the privilege of playing is extremely competitive. We face the best competition in the country every game. I couldn’t be happier I joined the ECL family!

Matthew Martinez
P27 Academy 2022
High Point University 2026

Our son Ethan found out about the East Coast Lumberjacks through his Varsity Coach Gary Pike and Pitching instructor Chris Pike. We were astonished of the level of competition the Lumberjacks compete in and the skill throughout the team and coaches. Ethan previously played on former travel teams that lacked these traits. The team traveled to Florida, Georgia, Alabama and all over the east coast which was a memorable experience. The coaches showed Ethan how to succeed and excel at a high level. We are grateful for the coaches and looking forward to Ethan’s college baseball career.

Jim and Dorothy Walker

Ethan Walker
Southampton HS 2021
SUNY Polytechnic Institute 2025

I joined the East Coast Lumberjacks at the end of Junior year after hearing about the team from my pitching coach Chris Pike and Varsity coach Gary Pike. Coach Ryan Pembroke and the team were welcoming from the start. The Lumberjacks gave me an incentive to work extremely hard on getting better every day on and off the field. Throughout my travel baseball experience since age nine I have been apart of no other team with the same level of talent, level of competition and motivation this organization brings. All of the coaching staff is knowledgeable and will work with you to succeed. I am forever thankful to be apart of the team and family.

Our son Colin joined the Lumberjacks in his sophomore year after meeting coach Strovink at a game between Rocky Point and East Hampton. Colin has had an amazing experience in the last two years. The East Coast Lumberjack coaches are excellent, extremely knowledgeable of the game and without a doubt the hardest working and most dedicated group you will ever meet. Ryan Pembroke and staff put a lot of time and effort into practices and instruction and truly prepare the team to compete at the national level.
The Lumberjacks play in the best tournaments, against the best competition, and in front of the right eyes all the time. The relationships Coach Pembroke has with the college coaches is incredible. This past year was not easy with all the restrictions but Ryan and his Coaches did a great job in using all of their connections. Ryan works countless hours, contacting coaches, and getting Videos and following up with them. With all their effort we are proud to say that Colin committed to George Washington University and he will be able to follow his dream of playing D1baseball in college. I would recommend to anyone who is serious about college baseball to join the Lumberjacks and Coach Pembroke will work extremely hard to get you to where you want to be!! A special thanks to Coaches Ryan,Dan,Elliot,Eric R and Eric Strovink for all their hard work and dedication to my sons college recruiting process.Looking forward to 2021 season.

The Ruddy Family
Mike, Maureen, Owen and Lila

I’m really happy I made the decision to join the East Coast Lumberjacks at the end of my freshman year. Without the Lumberjacks, there’s no chance I would be at the level I am at right now. I got the opportunity to play alongside some of the top talent in the country and for some of the best coaches! There is no other organization that has coaches as dedicated to their players as much as these coaches are. Coach Pembroke is working 24/7 to get you to a school that really does fit best for you. The relationships I built within these 2 years of being a Lumberjack are no doubt going to last a lifetime. The East Coast Lumberjacks is a family and I’m forever grateful to be apart of it.

Colin Ruddy
East Hampton HS 2022
George Washington University 2026

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was the best decision of my life . Coach Ryan Pembroke , and the coaches in this organization have enabled me to grow on and off the field as an individual . The amount of exposure I have received in my four years playing for the Lumberjacks is unmatchable . We play the best competition around, hands down! With that being said , I will be continuing my academic and athletic career at Purdue University ! Thank you for everything Lumberjacks ❤️. #BTFU? #Big10baseball

Robert Mannino
P27 Academy 2021
Purdue University 2025

We first came to know Ryan Pembroke through MSHS Varsity Baseball. Daniel was rising Freshman in fall of 2017 and he was getting in some training with Ryan. Danny asked me about playing in a tournament or two with Eastcoast Lumberjacks 2021 team in the early summer of 2018. We agreed and really haven’t looked back. Ryan, Dan, Richie, Elliot, Bob Cook, Pat Porter and others quickly got to work with Daniel. Week in and week out he got better. This organization will push players and constantly reinforce the fundamentals of the game. As Ryan would point out, there is no secret to getting bigger, stronger or faster – it just requires hard work & dedication. Lumberjacks are not for everyone, this organization is for the SERIOUS committed athlete and family. Coaches will provide clear and direct feedback. There is one team per age group and they all earn there playing time. ECL does a very good job at identifying young talent that have what it takes to compete at the next level, then they get to work.

After our 2nd full season with ECL, it was clear that Daniel’s future would be on the mound if he wanted to play college baseball. The kids competed against monster competition and the travel schedule was a grind, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way. Once a family “buys in”, the coaches do everything they can to put your kid out there and compete against the best competition in amateur baseball there is. We have made lifelong friends because of this organization and we are happy to say that Danny has achieved his goal of playing college ball at D3 Ithaca College, a program with deep roots and a storied tradition of excellence. ECL does a very good job at identifying young talent that have what it takes to compete at the next level, then they get to work.

This 2021 team – players, coaches and parents were really an amazing group to be around.

Joe, Melissa & Daniel Kellachan

Right from my freshman year, when I first met Ryan and he recruited me to come play for the Lumberjacks I knew right away it was the place for me. The coaching, players and the environment they create is unmatched. Playing for the Jacks for 3 years really helped shape me to the baseball player I am today, whether it was competing against the best competition in the world, or training harder than anyone else out there, the coaching staff made it their goal to help everyone get better. I am so glad I got to be a part of this organization for these last couple of years. The lumberjacks are a one of a kind organization with a one of a kind coaching staff, and they are not here to play around. They are the reason I am going to play college baseball and I cannot thank them enough. Jacks for life!

Daniel Kellachan
Mount Sinai HS 2021
Ithaca College 2025

Connor and I met Coach Ryan Pembroke during a tryout in the Late Summer of August day, 2019.  I realized after Connor had a few days of tryouts on the mound, that ECL was not like any other organization.  The first tournament we went to, in Fort Meyers Florida was very exciting.  College coaches came to see who the next group of East Coast Lumberjacks to watch over the next year or so, speaking with Coach Ryan and Dan Pembroke getting the information first hand. The East Coast Lumberjacks and Coaches Ryan and Dan have given our son Connor many opportunities to be seen and recruited by colleges which other travel organizations could not match.  They are truly about playing the best teams in the Nation, which we did play this past 2020 summer.  My wife and I can attest that Ryan assisted our son Connor during the entire recruitment process.

In Closing we would like say to Coach Ryan, Dan and all the other coaches from the ECL family “Thank you for your commitment in assisting our son Connor during the recruitment process and finding him a home he can be proud of.”  I know that they are committed to the development and recruitment of all of his East Coast Lumberjacks Ballplayers. When Coach Ryan heard how Connor made out with his College selection after our official visit, I could tell he was just as excited as my son Connor, Wife and myself.

George and Christina Voelpel

Starting off my second to last fall season with the Lumberjacks was one of maybe the best decisions i’ve made in my baseball career. Never have I ever went to this many states, let alone i’ve only been to Orlando as a child. Going up against the best competition in the nation was nothing short of a dream to play against. Having a family like ECL was just another motivation to get better and always increase and never decrease. Coach Pembroke always pushed me and made sure I was in check so when I got the ball wether relief or start I would be prepared. The team is all a family. Thank you so much to the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Connor Voelpel
Comeswogue HS 2021
Felician University 2025

In the fall of 2018 my son was asked to join the Lumberjack family. It didn’t take long to see the meaning of the team motto- to play with the best, against the best. Our second game was against a nationally ranked team. It was the most electric amateur baseball game I had ever experienced. Our pitcher had college scouts swarming and he eventually committed to a Power 5 program for the performance. My boy got a hit off of a Florida State commit. We knew right then that this team was exactly what we hoped to find.

The next year Kendall flirted between playing well and not so well as he adjusted. This wasn’t like High School ball or local travel league ball. With more experience and high quality coaching you could see the changes and growth in him. It culminated in the 2020 season as he won a few more All Tournament team selections. In one 2020 tournament we were pitted against the #1 ranked team in the nation and we punished them. It was surely a year to be remembered.

If you are looking for a travel team to expose your son to college coaches, give him the tools needed to compete at the next level and a team that will commit to you as much as you commit to them, I highly recommend the East Coast Lumberjacks. I’m extremely grateful that my family found the Lumberjack family filled with players and coaches that are obsessed with becoming the best they can be.

Bruce Haney

Joining the Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The competition coach Pembroke puts us up against is unreal. Not only that but the exposure we got through these tournaments and through Coach Pembroke was ridiculous. Every weekend there would be more and more coaches coming to watch us. To go along with that, the Coach’s Ryan, Dan, Elliot and all the coaches create a family atmosphere. Being able to practice, play and hangout with some of the most talented people I have ever met while also getting the exposure that the Lumberjacks give you is an opportunity no one should pass up.

Thank you to Coach Pembroke and all of the Lumberjacks organization for getting me to where I am at today. If you are looking to be recruited to play college baseball I highly recommend The East Coast Lumberjacks.

Kendall Haney
Cooperstown HS 2021
Herkimer Community College 2023

Being with the Lumberjacks for 3 years really showed me what it was like to truly be a part of a high level organization. Whether it was the practices or the competitive schedule, I was always challenged to be the best I could be. Both on and off the field I became a better person. From winter workouts to the practices in the spring, I was very well prepared for the summers that followed. The summer schedule we played was second to none in level of competition and amount of high level games and tournaments. Coach Pembroke and staff pushed me to succeed and develop as a player. The Lumberjacks organization has helped me tremendously throughout the college recruiting process and has helped me find a home at the next level. The coaching staff worked with me on all aspects of my game to help me understand what it takes to be successful and what I had to do to succeed. I wanted to thank the Lumberjacks organization for everything they have done for me and helping me on my journey.

Tyler Smith
The Stony Brook School 2021
Saint Peters University 2025

East Coast LumberJacks is a HUGE FAMILY ! It’s like no other , every guy on the team is there for a reason and they all play for each other. If you wanna win , be recruited & felt loved by everyone you’re working with , this is the spot for you!!

Robert Evans LHP
P27 Academy 2022
North Carolina State University 2026

I am starting my third year with the Lumberjacks and without a doubt this has been the best few years of my baseball career. Being around a bunch of guys that are so talented and are determined to be the best players they could possibly be, is just a special atmosphere to be in. I remember my first few practices with the Lumberjacks. I definitely struggled, but Coach Ryan, Coach Dan and Coach Eric worked nonstop to get me better. I know they will keep doing the same for the next few years to prepare me for the next level at College.

My first tournament with the Lumberjacks down In Alabama was a huge wakeup call for me. We were playing the best teams in the country and getting smacked. Even though we didn’t do great in big tournaments like Alabama, it made us a much better team and now we can compete with these top tier Southern teams. Personally, it definitely brought my game to the next level. The bottom line is to be the best you have to play against the best and with the best.

Jack Friend MIF
Ward Melville High School 2023
University of Maine 2027

My son Jack started with the 2023 East Coast Lumberjacks team in 2018, he was in eighth grade. We were lucky to have been playing on a great local travel team, with a lot of friends and great coaches and knew it would be a difficult decision to leave there, after many years playing together. Lots of coaches and parents were telling me that Jack had a special talent, and with his enthusiasm, work ethic and dreams to play College Baseball one day, I knew I had to explore opportunities.

Jack was invited to come down to a tryout, and I knew this was going to be a great opportunity for him, and just what he needed to develop into an exceptional player. Especially after seeing the level of talent he would be playing with, how the practice was run, and the tremendous experience all the coaching staff had to offer and share with him.

We had offers to join other club teams, decisively declined. This is why, and what I also love about East Coast Lumberjacks for my son. One team per grad year, you earn your spot, play the best competition across the country, and learn from the best. Ryan is committed to finding his players the best college opportunity and fit. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and relationships in the recruiting process, which was extremely helpful for a Mom with no experience in this area. I never would have imagined that my just 15 year old son would be committed to a Division 1 school to play baseball, during the COVID Pandemic.

Thank you, Coach Pembroke, Coach Reichenback and Coach Strovink. Jack is looking forward to working harder and getting better and stronger to be ready for the University of Maine in 2023!

Stephanie Friend

After a showcase event in March, Coach Ryan Pembroke reached out to me inquiring about playing for the Lumberjacks. After discussing this with my parents, I decided that it was something that I was going to do. I expected the program to be very based around college recruiting and was not expecting a family and relationship aspect of the organization. The first time I played with the guys I felt more than welcomed by everyone. At first, I was struggling a lot and could not get going. I knew I was in the right spot when through my slump I was having a great time with the coaches and players, I realized that once I put it together this was going to be the time of my life. Overall, there is no one better than the East Coast Lumberjacks when it comes down to exposure, they make sure that you are getting seen by every college coach that you are interested in. I was put in contact with more schools than I could imagine and it was truly amazing for me, and eventually I made my decision to continue on at Iona College. I would just like to thank Coach Ryan, Dan, Elliot and Buddy for putting me in the best position that I can possibly be in and everything that each one of them has done for me. This experience was truly amazing for me!!

Tyler Lender
Cherokee High School 2021
Iona College 2025

Coach Pembroke helped my son, Mark, from the first time they spoke. The next day colleges were calling him. He delivers results.

As a coach, Pembroke is a great leader. He teaches and supports each and player as if they are all the same.

Personally, thanks coach Pembroke for all your guidance with Mark.

Thank You,
Dave Capell

There is not a bad word to be said about Coach Pembroke from my experience. Since the first day that I’ve been with the East Coast Lumberjacks, they have been constantly working as hard as possible to find me the right fit at the next level. Coach Pembroke has been around to talk at all times on the clock, and has been 100% transparent with me during the recruiting process. He helped get in my touch with several top Division 1 schools that met my likes and needs, and has brought upon new opportunities and conversations I could never imagine.

I would 100% vouch for Coach Pembroke when it comes to all part of the game, as he runs a great, competitive organization, has great relations with college coaches, and is a very personable man. Thanks to him, I can proudly announce that I will be heading to Yale University to continue my academic and athletic career. Coming to play with the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions I could make as an athlete striving to play D1 baseball.

Thanks Pem!

Mark Capell
Undecided 2022
Yale University 2026

The Lender family just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for Ty. Since Ty joined the ECL program in March, it has been a GREAT experience.

The training, motivation, and guidance that you provided made a positive impact in Tys life.

Ty has become a better baseball player and a better human being being a part of ECL organization.

His teammates are amazing and picked Ty up when he was down. This is a testament to the ECL culture.

There are not enough words to describe all the countless hours that you put in to get Ty seen in front of various schools.

The Lender family wants to give a big shout out and say thank you for getting Ty to the next level!

Truly appreciate it!

Thank you,

Jen, Joe, Tyler, and Ryleigh

P.S. That phone you have is worth a lot of money with all those D1 contacts! Lol.

The Lumberjacks to us is more than just another organization or team, it is a family. Dan and Ryan and all of Jake’s coaches at the Lumberjacks have brought baseball to a whole new level for him, as they are constantly pushing hard work and personal best. They are always supportive and provide honest feedback on what needs to be worked on in order to improve. The Lumberjacks reinforce the importance of foundational skills and playing the game right. The team that Ryan and Dan put together was very competitive, provided a team approach to build confidence and taught the boys to support and rely on each other to get the job done. There is a brotherhood on the team and within the organization. The boys as a team constantly push each other to practice and work out, even when not on the field. You have to be ready to put a lot of hard work in and be willing to travel to play in all of the right tournaments against high level teams with the Lumberjacks. As hectic as travel was at times, we would not trade it for a thing. The baseball memories, friendships formed, improvement seen and opportunities provided are something that will always be remembered. Thank you Ryan and Dan for all you have done for Jake and for always being there for him. Thank you for always believing in him and supporting him to get the opportunity to continue playing the sport he loves at Hofstra University (D1). We can’t say enough about his experiences playing for the Lumberjacks organization and the opportunities you have provided him. It is bittersweet to have such a great team finishing their time playing together this year. Once a Lumberjack, always a Lumberjack. We know Ryan and Dan and the team will always be there for him and each other. It is an organization like no other. If you want a chance to get better, have great instruction, want to play in college and are willing to work hard, the Lumberjacks is the organization to play for.

Jon and Kelly Halloran

Being on the lumberjacks was the best baseball experience I’ve ever had in my life. Ryan and Dan work 24/7 to get his guys committed and get them at the level of play that is expected at the next level. I’ve been playing for the organization since my freshman year of high school. When Ryan asked me to play for his 2021 team , I knew I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity due to his past success with getting guys committed and getting them to play in college. Ryan and Dan care about their players and want to bring the best out in us by putting us against the top competition in the country and teaching us how to compete. Ryan and Dan practice for hours with their players, teaching them fundamentals and giving 100’s of reps in game like situations to prepare us. I was always overlooked due to my size, but Ryan and Dan saw something in me and pushed me and taught me how to play the game the right way, and gave me the opportunities to perform and get looked at by D1 programs. The lumberjacks is much more than just an organization, it’s a family. All the players are extremely supportive and bring the best out in everyone. I have made memories that will last a life time. Without Ryan and Dan I would not be going to play college baseball at Hofstra University. ECL fam for life. ??❤️

#d1 #stud #bestfriend #studkiiid #savage #ecl #jacks #kiiid #eclfam #snake

Jake Halloran
Shoreham Wading River HS 2021
Hofstra University 2025

I met East Coast Lumberjack skipper Ryan Pembroke on a 22 degree morning on a frozen field last December.  As he banged ground balls at my son on the icy tundra, I knew Pembroke and the Lumberjacks were special and different from most other baseball travel organizations.  Pembroke explained that his organization targets the best players, provides the best instruction and only plays the best teams in the country. Pembroke’s ultimate goal is to get his players exposed to the most scouts and college coaches possible to further their baseball careers.  I can attest that the Lumberjack philosophy worked for my son, who, after becoming a ‘Jack,’ is now a D1 college commit.

Derrick Acker

Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks has been one of the best baseball decisions I have ever made. Coach Pembroke works 24/7 to get his players exposure to the best colleges in the country. If I had not joined the Lumberjacks I’m not sure where I would be right now in the college recruitment process. Coach Pembroke went above and behind during the Pandemic to get numerous Division 1 colleges to see my videos and talk with me on a weekly basis. Besides college recruiting, Coach Pembroke has also made me into a better baseball player.  Taking hitting and fielding lessons with him has taken my game to the next level. Without the help of Coach Pembroke and Lumberjack coaches, I would not be able to say that I am committed to play baseball at George Washington University!

Ty Acker
Sachem East 2021

George Washington University ’25

We want to take the time and express how amazing East Coast Lumberjacks are. Coach Pembroke showed a lot of interest in Nicholas and his plans for the future. We are grateful for everything that he has done for Nicholas and helping him with the recruiting process. 

 During these times and not knowing what was going to happen with baseball, Coach Pembroke was extremely persistent in promoting Nicholas and his talents and helped get noticed by many schools. 

Thank you,

Harris and Michelle Burg

We would like to thank Ryan and the rest of the coaches at East Coast Lumberjacks on being such a fine organization. The tournaments ECL participated in provided excellent levels of competition as well as excellent opportunities for college exposure at all levels. Coach Ryan takes a personal interest in all of his players and makes it his mission for them to move onto the next level. He is not only a great mentor but a great person. This was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this organization. We would highly recommend East Coast Lumberjacks to any serious baseball player that wants to play quality baseball, improve his game, on move onto the next level. ECL is the organization you want to be a part of!!  We will miss Coaches Ryan, Dan, Elliott and Manny and wish them all the best!!!

Rob and Julie Gray

I am beyond grateful to be a part of this organization. The East Coast Lumberjacks have given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had at anywhere else. The coaching staff here is elite and anyone would be lucky to play for them.

If you’re looking for a team who will give you the best opportunity of getting recruited, it is the East Coast Lumberjacks

Nicholas Burg
Cherokee High School 2021

Monmouth University 2025

Playing for the Lumberjacks is an experience like no other. Coach Pembroke has such a close relationship with his players. He is someone you can talk to about everything, not just baseball. Coach has such passion for the game and ensures all his players get to play at the level they deserve. Everyone has an equal chance to excel. This year I attended ‘Inspiration Academy’ in Bradenton, FL as a Post Graduate. Even though I wasn’t playing for him anymore, I was constantly getting texts from him checking in on my college process. Coach made sure I was still doing my part and he would always be asking me for updates so he could send them to colleges as well. I wish I found out about ECL sooner because they are more than just a team, they are a family. Throughout the whole organization from Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Elliot and Coach Manny the knowledge is incredible. They know the game and how to develop baseball players to their full potential. 

Thanks for all you guys do #ECL4L ❤️

Tyler Gray
Inspiration Academy 2020
Mercer CC

I have never played for an organization like the East Coast Lumberjacks. The coaching staff that the Lumberjacks has is second to none. The coaches have all played high level baseball and are some of the most knowledgeable coaches around. They help develop you to a level you never thought you could reach and one that you probably couldn’t reach with out them. The schedule we play is toughest schedule you will ever play. Everywhere you go you face the top teams in the nation with some of the best players in the nation to aid your development. These coaches push you to be the best player you can possibly be. Everything about this organization is centered around hard work. You don’t have a choice when you play for this organization but to work as hard as you can day in and day out. The coaching staff also has great relationships with countless amounts of college programs all around the country. And these coaches showcase you in front of a ridiculous amount of colleges. They give you plenty of exposure at every tournament you go to. You’ll even get to showcase your self amongst some of the top programs in the nation since the teams we play are the best around. The players are the type of guys you want to surround yourself with. Everyone is a hard worker who wants to get better and we push each other to get better. These guys become your best friends too. The environment the East Coast Lumberjacks puts you in is the best one you’ll ever be in. I can’t thank this organization for all it has done for me and my family by presenting me with opportunities i’d never thought i’d get. I’m so happy I have 2 more years with this organization.

Jack Quinlan
Sayville High School 2022
Army West Point Commit 2026

My son was about 12 years old when we first witnessed The East Coast Lumberjack approach to what we all call the “Perfect Game” of baseball. Coach Ryan Pembroke at the time was preparing three high school players for their spring season. He stood behind an L Screen about 12’ away from his students and rifled balls at the strike zone. To my amazement the players handled the velocity and Pembroke’s energy and enthusiasm was flat out infectious. I knew than that at some point this gentleman needed to become part of my son’s baseball education. That was back in 2018, fast forward to spring of 2020 and Coach Pembroke has guided my son towards an opportunity at the United Sates Military Academy at West Point. The East Coast Lumberjacks Are NOT FOR EVERYONE! They use word like commitment, dedication, trust, and failure. The organization does not boast of trophies, THIS ORGANIZATION IS ABOUT PREPARATION AND EXPOSURE. Coach Pembroke is demanding of his players and prepares them to face some of the best competition the country has to offer. He will bring your child to the promise land, But (and it’s a big BUT) the player and parents have to buy in to the method. There are no baseball secrets or magic wands waved by The ECL coaching staff, it’s just hard work day in and day out and most of all when nobody’s watching or looking. I was almost foolish enough to leave this organization but through honest dialogue between ECL Coaches and myself we came to an agreement to TRUST THE PROCESS. I leave on this thought… Proud to be associated and if I had the second chance I would do it all over again and again and again. “People will come Ray.”

The Quinlans

I am so blessed to have played for such an amazing baseball
organization. I had opportunities to play at the best events all around the country meanwhile being backed up by an experienced coaching staff. I definitely struggled… a lot, but always had a great team behind me and coach Pembroke always gave me more opportunities.

If you want to get recruited and play college baseball there is no better organization on the east coast.

Luca Romano
Shoreham Wading River 2020
Pace University 2024

I have the pleasure to once again praise the hard work from Ryan, Danny, and all the guys at the East Coast Lumberjacks. Thanks to them I have a son pitching for Quinnipiac University as a sophomore this year while his younger brother is committed to pitch for Pace University starting in the fall. We have been on the travel ball circuit for many years, and I have never seen anybody work as hard to first, get the players seen, and then get the players signed. I am happy to say that both of my boys will have an opportunity to play for competitive teams while getting excellent educations. In addition to that, I was surrounded by dedicated yet fun-loving parents who made all of the travel an experience not to be forgotten. I cannot more strongly recommend this organization if your son has the desire to play the game at the next level.

Augustine Romano MD

History will one day remember Ryan Pembroke as a legendary coach committed to the development of those young high school athletes that dreamed of playing baseball in college. As a parent of a baseball player, I have endured the aggravation of many baseball organizations before discovering the East Coast Lumberjacks. Other organizations take on as many kids as they can hoping for a few successes to magically materialize. The East Coast Lumberjacks, however, only have one team per grade and invest in each player to make sure they maximize their potential. Ryan simply does not give up on his players. From the earliest of days you will have immediate access to Ryan and I assure you there is no owner/coach more responsive in texting. It is hard enough to be recruited to play baseball in college but it is exponentially more difficult for a high-academic kid to play baseball at a high-academic college. Ryan understands and fully supports this pursuit.

The East Coast Lumberjacks start with the assumption that every player in their organization that puts in the work will play in college. Ryan is as excited about baseball as any player in his organization. He has a love for the game that is obvious from the moment you see him on the field conducting practice. Practices start on time but never seem to have a scheduled end time. Ryan has the boys keep playing. There is no better atmosphere for the kid who loves playing baseball. Each player will be assured an opportunity to play in the best tournaments against the best competition. Ryan is loyal to his players in a way that makes being a part of the Lumberjacks feel like you have family support. It is unfair to compare the Lumberjack experience to any other. Ryan knows all of his players and is always their champion. Quite simply — Ryan is a baseball savant.

Tim Selby
Father of the “Professor”
Washington and Lee University Class of 2024

I’ve been playing baseball ever since I could pick up a ball, but I only started playing competitively when I was 11. From my aforementioned age I never played with one organization for more than a year because I wasn’t truly progressing with those teams––largely because I am a high academic kid and it was difficult to find a team that understood my ambition to play for a high academic college; however, that changed once I found the East Coast Lumberjacks organization led by Ryan  Pembroke. The first day I went to a Lumberjacks practice and met Pem he told me, “If you work hard for me, I’ll be the first guy to slap you on the ass, and if you mess up, I’ll be the first guy to let you know.” Upon further reflection, he was completely right about that. With ECL you get the experience to work with a great group of guys––both teammates and coaches––who all want the best for you. If you give ECL your all Coach Pembroke will give you his all. That is something that is insurmountably important for players trying to play in college. Coach Pem’s relentless tenacity with regards to getting all of his guys  to where they want to be is something that is truly commendable and something I am extremely grateful for. I would highly recommend playing for the Lumberjacks to anyone who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals with baseball.

Daniel Selby (The Professor)
Friends Academy 2020
Washington and Lee University 2024

I just wanted to thank you for facilitating a fun and competitive environment for me to play in this summer. The Lumberjacks allowed me to play in the most competitive tournaments in the world, providing me with the best exposure possible. I always felt like the coaches were there for me whenever I had any questions about the game. Their widespread knowledge of the baseball allowed them to provide feedback and support throughout the entirety of the summer. Coach Pem’s vast network of connections allowed me to get in contact with any school at any time. In retrospect the summer of 2019 was the most progressive summer of my life with regards to the college process and overall exposure to high level baseball, all thanks to the Jacks.

Jack Reisler
Packer Collegiate Institute 2020
Kenyon College 2024

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you and the Lumberjacks for everything you did for Jack this season. With the Lumberjacks, Jack had the opportunity to play against the top talent in the country. He was able to build a great resume that got the attention of a lot of schools. Thanks for always having his back and for advocating so strongly for him with the college coaches. In the end, Jack has committed to play for exactly the kind of school he was hoping to find. It’s great that high academic kids with the talent can reach their goals with the Lumberjacks.

Marc Reisler (Father of Jack Reisler)

I’ve played baseball since I was 8 years old and through that time, I’ve played for many teams and organizations. My experience with Ryan, Dan and Elliot was the best I could’ve asked for. They cared about their players and they worked their tails off to get them better. The East Coast Lumberjacks was a family and in the short time I had with them, we built a bond like no other. You will never meet a group of coaches who care for their players more than East Coast does. I made a decision in my career, and it definitely wasn’t an easy choice. I decomitted from a school and went into the summer uncommitted. As a result, I gambled on myself and Ryan was by my side throughout the whole process. He continuously encouraged me to keep my head down and grind and that everything will fall into place. He spent countless hours trying to help me find my future home. These coaches would do anything and everything they could to see their players succeed. I can’t thank Coach Pem for everything that he has done for me and my family. If I had to do it all over again I would. ECL fam for life✊?❤️

Braedin Hunt
Christian Brothers Academy 2020
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

If you are looking for an organization that is going to get you better while putting you in the top recruiting events, the Lumberjacks is the place to be. Playing against the top teams around the country has been a humbling experience for me as it has opened my eyes to the talent around the country. Coach Pembroke was a huge help to me during the recruiting process as he worked with me to find the best academic and athletic fit for me! If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know if I’d be playing in college! I wouldn’t want to trade in my Lumberjacks experience for anything!

Colin Shashaty
Northport High School 2020
Ithaca College

East Coast Lumberjacks is the last travel program my son will play for. It’s hard to imagine that part of our lives being over. Thankfully, we saved the best for last. My son Braedin has played as a top performer for most of the big programs out there (NY,NJ,PA) and by far Ryan and staff have out performed them by leaps and bounds in quality of coaching, tournament selection with emphasis on properly showcasing players as well as team play and most importantly his tireless recruiting efforts. My family thanks Ryan and the coaching staff at ECL for their dedication and passion for the game we all have come to love and respect. Best of luck to ECL and all the families that have made this year fun in spite of all the stressors of being an uncommitted player.

Tom Hunt
Father of Braedin Hunt
2020 VCU commit

Hey coach! Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for Braedin. The past few months have been difficult to say the least but you always had his back, always encouraging him to believe in himself. You are a great mentor, coach and more importantly friend. You give these boys the best platforms to showcase their talents and help to guide them in the right direction! I will forever be grateful to you! East Coast Lumberjacks is a wonderful organization and I am so appreciative for Braedin being given the opportunity to be a part of it!

Gina Hunt
Mother of Braedin Hunt
2020 VCU commit

I want to start by saying Thank you to all the coaches over at the Lumberjacks, but especially Coach Pembroke. I never had the experience he gave me at any other organization. To the competition we played, the constant communication with college coaches and the love of the game and his players. He did his best everyday to find opportunities to make us better as players and get us an opportunity to play at the next level. Other then the opportunities he opened up for not just me but all his players, was the constant life lessons that I will never forget. He made us better as people to and I can’t thank him enough for the constant effort to make his players better. If your a player reading this and are trying to find the right organization for you, this is the organization that will make you better as a player, give you the college opportunity your looking for and create relationships that you’ll never forget.

Bryant Skurbe
Monroe Township 2020
Merrimack College

Our family lives in central New Jersey and our club team at the time started going through an organizational transition as my son was entering his junior year in high school with some kids deciding to switch organizations. A couple of the families decided to join Ryan and the Lumberjacks in Port Jefferson, Long Island, which at the time I thought was a crazy idea given our location. We decided to stay with our existing team, but stayed in close contact with those families. We then started hearing from these families about the level of talent on the team, Ryan and Dan’s approach to the game, the flexibility he afforded to the out-of-state families, and all of the support Ryan was providing in the college recruiting process. This feedback sounded like exactly what we were looking for in a program, but we were still hesitant to make the switch for all the reasons you would logically be concerned about making a switch in the most pivotal year in high school – a new coach that’s unfamiliar with your son, having to blend in with a new team with unfamiliar kids and having to build those relationships, will he get a fair amount of playing time, etc. After much deliberation, we finally decided to make the switch, and it was absolutely the best move we could have made!

Ryan and Dan are absolutely devoted to their kids and want every kid to find the ideal college fit for their game, knowing that not every player will be a power 5 D1 commit. Ryan works the phones tirelessly, and never declined to reach out to a coach when asked. He has a broad amount of relationships across the spectrum of college programs (from JUCO to Power 5 D1) and will do everything in his power to get the right level of exposure to the right schools, whether it’s making a phone call or sending some texts or posting highlights on social media. Ryan and Dan understand the game very well and do everything they can to put the boys in a position to succeed. Ultimately the kids need to perform when given the opportunities, but I always felt that Ryan and Dan did thier absolute best to give all of the boys the opportunities to showcase their talents as best they can.

It was a long, sometimes stressful summer of 2019, but ultimately my son decided to commit to Merrimack College to play at the D1 level in the NEC conference. Merrimack first got exposed to my son from a tweet that Ryan sent out of a home run he hit in a tournament, and Ryan then worked tirelessly to send additional videos and provide his feedback on my son’s abilities to the Merrimack coaching staff. Ultimately there’s a lot that goes into a college’s decision to recruit a player and all of the stars need to align, much of which is outside of the control of the club team coach. However, Ryan did everything in his power to share the relevant information with both the coaches and my son to make sure it was the right fit for everyone. We owe Ryan a debt of gratitude, as do many other families where he’s helped their boys attain their goal of playing college baseball.

After all of the deliberation about switching club teams in my son’s junior year to a program based 3 hours from our house, my only regret was not making the switch sooner. We can’t thank Ryan and Dan enough for all of the support over the past year, and I highly recommend the East Coast Lumberjacks to anyone in the tri-state area and beyond!

Matthew Skurbe
Monroe Township, NJ

My one regret is that I didn’t find the East Coast Lumberjacks sooner! I love this team because this isn’t just a baseball team but truly a year round development program that puts as much work into finding the right resources for winter workouts as it does in putting the ECL name into every national tournament in the country. With college recruiting look no further than Ryan Pembroke and his staff. He works day and night to help connect kids with schools and this long process would have never found me a home without him. He connected me with tons of schools and not only my talents but his connections garnered me 4 division 1 offers as well as being invited to multiple select showcases and college visits. His staff is filled with ex-major league experience and their knowledge is priceless through this development process. I can’t thank the Lumberjack organization enough for everything they’ve done for me and the countless hours of work their staff put in for me individually, you truly do not find more hardworking and genuine people in this journey than this coaching staff. I love these guys and will always use them and their wisdom through the course of my college and post-college career. Also I have made friends on this team that will be close to me for the rest of my life. You come to the Lumberjacks you simply meet dedicated kids that want to work and have a sincere love for this game. Truly no better organization on the East Coast in terms of the entire recruiting/high level competition package.

Sawyer Duarte
Chaminade High School 2020
Middlebury College

As a father and coach of four sons that have all played travel baseball on Long Island and two of which played in college, I am very familiar with all the Travel Teams on Long Island and throughout the Tri-State area. None can compare to ECL.

Most programs will take players regardless of their ability to play. The East Coast Lumberjacks do not do this. They have real tryouts and take a close look at every player and will only form teams that can go out and compete at the national level. They play the best competition and avoid the local tournaments that play against weaker competition.
Being in the Northeast, serious youth ball players are at a disadvantage because they cannot play year round and do not have strong local competition. ECL trains all year, holds many practices both offseason and in-season and then only play in the best tournaments Nationwide.
They truly prepare your son to compete at the collegiate national level. The coaches are excellent and the Head Coach and owner, Ryan Pembroke, is extremely connected with college coaches, at every level, and works personally with your son to find the school that fits the player and the family. He looks at a variety of factors to match your son with the right college and best fit and creates a tailored recruiting process. He focuses on every player on the roster and no one gets left behind.

Our experience has been outstanding and we hold Ryan Pembroke as well as all the coaches and the East Coast Lumberjacks in very high regard.

In my sons instance, he had good grades and wanted a strong academic fit, even though Ryan felt he could play D1 and had several offers, Ryan brought us Middlebury college which was exactly the type of high academic school that my son was looking for.

I would recommend the East Coast Lumberjacks program to any player that is very serious about playing baseball at the next level and is ok with hearing the truth and deeply committed to reaching their full potential.

Joe Duarte (Sawyer Duarte 2020 Middlebury College)

Upon joining the East Coast Lumberjacks I knew it was a great decision. Having my older brother play with Ryan I knew what I was getting into and fully prepared. Ryan pushes each and every kid to be the best they can be everyday. Not only does he do this the whole organization will have countless scouts attending each game. The boys always have a good time but when it’s time to get serious and focus he makes sure we know that. Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was a great decision and experience!

Francesco Geraci
Bayport-Blue Point 2020
Queens College

The East Coast Lumberjacks are an organization committed to providing a first-class experience for young ball players, on and off the field. From a baseball standpoint the Lumberjacks work to develop your athlete’s talents by playing a highly competitive schedule against teams from across the nation. This schedule will allow for maximum exposure from top-notch collegiate and pro scouts. Most importantly the Lumberjacks work diligently to find college programs that will allow your ballplayer to continue his athletic and academic career on the next level. I would highly recommend the Lumberjacks to anyone who is looking for a caring program, who will work hard to ensure the success of your athlete.

Nick Carbone, Head Coach, George Washington H.S.

We came to the Lumberjacks after spending time with other travel teams. It was our experience that this team is geared toward the player who is looking to play pass the high school level. A player who has dedicated himself to the hard work it takes to play at the college level. This team recruits players based on talent rather than just a checkbook. The coaches run weekly practices and are at all the games. Their baseball background prepares the athletes to excel on the field. It is my opinion, what truly makes this team different from others, is its ability to gain exposure for the athlete. From the national tournaments the team plays in, to the relationships the coaches have built with various college programs, each player receives maximum exposure. This exposure coupled with Coach Pembroke taking the time to walk both the parents and the athletes through the process separates this team from the rest.

John Crowley

The East Coast Lumberjacks is unlike any other baseball program. Coach Ryan Pembroke goes out of his way to help everyone on the team attain their goal of playing college baseball. I’ve only been with the Lumberjacks for two years, but throughout those two years, I have grown extensively as a player. The amount of effort that Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Manny, and Coach Elliot put into helping the team is extraordinary. I would like to thank the Lumberjacks for everything they have done to help me play Division 1 baseball.

Cullen SantaMaria
Shoreham Wading River 2020
Hofstra University

Immediately upon joining the East Coast Lumberjack Organization less than a year ago, we knew that we had made the right choice for our son, Marco. Ryan’s endless hard work and dedication to his players is unrivaled. We are continually impressed with his ability to work with each player and their family to find the best fit for their success.
East Coast Lumberjacks is an organization with very high standards and expectations for their ball players both on and off the field. They truly exemplify building character and playing competitive baseball at the next level.
We want to thank the coaches Ryan, Dan and Elliot, for sharing their passion and integrity with their players and their commitment to the future of baseball. Thank you for helping Marco achieve his dream of playing Division 1 College Baseball!
Bernadette and Vinnie

Experience, Training, Motivation, Dedication, and most importantly, Exposure.

If your child has made it through little league, travel ball, continued into HS and desires to play in college, The Lumberjacks are the last organization you will need to look for. The Pembroke’s have put together a program that pushes the player to the next level while picking the best schedule to give them maximum exposure. The Coaching Staff of Ryan Pembroke, his brother Dan Pembroke, Elliot Ayala, pitching staff that included Many Roman, as well as the fitness trainer Adam Merone, are the perfect combination to ready the player for college ball. Our son Cullen joined the Lumberjacks in his sophomore year of HS and has had an amazing experience in the last two years. This season we are proud to say that he committed to Hofstra University. He will be able to follow his dream of playing baseball in college. Ryan works countless hours, contacting scouts and coaches, and getting them to come to see his players. We have never seen a coach put some much time into the recruiting process. The whole staff puts in 100% effort and has not only a good rapport with the kids, (treating them as young adults) but also a good rapport with the parents. Thank you for your time and effort.

Donald & Jacqueline SantaMaria

“You have to match your school and baseball!” Have you heard this before? This is not a statement to take lightly. Ryan Pembroke, coach and owner of the Lumberjacks, truly understands that baseball in college is an important life decision. Boys develop and become men that will take lessons learned on the field and in the classroom into society as contributing members of communities. Ryan carefully assessed our son, Bryan Radzinsky, and found his best contributing characteristic and allowed him to shine as a hitter. He also pushed him to utilize his agile footwork to enhance his arm strength. Ryan constantly reached out to his growing circle of college coaches to seek out their needs and kept in mind our requirements on a college institution that would aline with our son’s personality and interests. Ryan openly guided us past the coaches and camps that tried to sell us on promises they wouldn’t be able to keep. Ryan worked continuously to make Bryan’s dream of playing college baseball a reality. We look forward to the lessons he will learn from his college coaches, the knowledge he will take with him from the college classrooms, and the friendships he will make with this teammates and classmates. We would like to thank Ryan and his organization for allowing us to become part of the Lumberjack family and for their unwavering support throughout the college recruitment process.

Dennis & Sue Radzinsky

Coach Ryan Pembroke is one of the best coaches out there. He has pushed me to my limits to achieve my goals, put them time in for me to get better, and was there when my family and I needed him. Most organizations just take your money and promise you they’ll get you a college. East Coast Lumberjacks were different. They worked with you to get you able to play college ball. He had connections, and a great relationships with many colleges. Coach Pembroke worked just as hard or harder then all of his players to make sure they all got to achieve their goal of playing college baseball. I have committed to Immaculata through hard work and determination. Coach Pembroke has pushed me to become an even better ball player. I couldn’t ask for a better coach, better organization, better coaching staff, and of course better teammates. It is just a great environment to be around the game you love! I’m excited to continue playing baseball for Immaculata University.

Bryan Radzinsky
Ward Melville 2019
Immaculata University

I want to give a special shut out to the man coach pembroke. Is a pleasure playing for the Lumberjacks. At the beginning of summer ball was a little hard for me cause I couldn’t find the strike zone and the Lumberjacks had good coaches that wanted to help me get better. I didn’t know much about talking to college until I started talking to coach pembroke he talk to me a lot about what college are looking for and all the details college want, I didn’t see my self committing into a college. But with the Help of the Coach Pembroke and the East Coast Lumberjacks, I fulfilled my Dream of Playing Division 1 Baseball.

Andrelis Payamps
George Washington High School 2020
Jackson State University

Playing with ECL got me the experience and exposure that is unparalleled by most northeast programs. The amount of time and effort that the coaching staff puts into developing players as well as putting them in a place to spend the next four years is incredible. The exposure I received in my two and a half years with the lumberjacks was off the charts. Even at our first tournament as 15 year olds, we had power 5 schools at our games. I can’t remember pitching in a game where there wasn’t at least a couple of college coaches watching, even at off-site games. There are few programs in the northeast that compete in as good a schedule while getting as many looks as ECL.

The coaching staff was also a huge piece in the development of my teammates and I. They guided us in fundamental development as well as connecting us with great strength and conditioning resources we needed in order to maximize our performance. I personally made a jump from throwing low 80’s to up to 90 in less than a year while learning more about pitching.

Aidan Crowley
Shoreham Wading River HS 2020
Boston College

During the summer i gave my son the option to play travel ball. Majority of his friends were playing for Team Beast at the time and were persuading him to join Team Beast. However, his high school coach recommended to play for East Coast Lumberjacks since he was good friends with the coaching staff. When my son decided to play for the Lumberjacks he quickly made friends with the entire team. The thing i like the most about the team was they kept their promise that they “will help get you noticed by college coaches.” Within the first tournament he got noticed by a few excellent d3 schools and also d2. The coaching staff was very informative and willing to listen and provide realistic feedback. My son has never been happier about playing for this team and i am happy he made the right choice. Thank you for the terrific coaching staff at East Coast Lumberjacks!

Debra Owens
Mother of Kyle Owens

TJ started hitting with Ryan back when he was 8 years old. As he got older he started training other aspects of his game with Ryan. We made the jump to ECL 2 years ago and are so grateful we did. Ryan, Dan, Elliot and the rest of the ECL coaching staff have had a huge impact on TJs approach to the game, both on and off the field. Ryan has done a great job getting colleges to the ECL games so TJ and the rest of the ECL players can be seen. Ryan does a great job communicating with college coaches and working with each individual player to find the right program that compliments each player. All this has led to TJ fulfilling his childhood dream of playing D1 baseball. We are grateful that we are part of the Lumberjacks family.

Troy and Dana Wachter

I have been playing with the Lumberjacks and Coach Pembroke since the summer of 2017 and I cannot be more thankful for the help and support I received over the past couple of years especially with taking my baseball career to the college level. Coach Pembroke and the Lumberjacks program has trained and encouraged me to become an overall better player. I have been given the opportunity to play baseball next year at the Division 2 level at Dominican College, which would not have been possible without the help from Coach Pembroke. The ability to obtain looks and communication with college coaches and programs through Coach Pembroke (even after missing my biggest college recruiting year due to an injury) was an extremely crucial key to obtaining an opportunity to play at the college level. With Coach Pembroke and the Lumberjacks program, I have been able to become the player I am today and I am very grateful to be able to continue my baseball career at the next level.

Kierin Orlando
Mount Sinai High School 2019
Dominican College Commit

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks gives you the best opportunity to play college baseball, hands down. The coaches constant support and guidance, both on and off the field, provide the opportunity for each ball player to reach their fullest potential. Whether you need flips or ground balls, they are always there to help you improve. The exposure you get when you play with ECL is unmatched. Coach Pembroke is always communicating with college coaches and there is never a game without any colleges there to watch. I want to thank the Lumberjack organization and the coaching staff for the opportunity to play ball at the next level. I am forever grateful and excited for what is to come.

Marco Ali
Saint Anthony’s 2020
Fairleigh Dickson University

Can’t say enough about the Lumberjacks and coach Ryan Pembroke. My son Kierin played for Ryan the summer after his sophomore year in high school as a 15 year old. Unfortunately Kierin suffered an injury which caused him to miss his entire following junior year and summer – his crucial showcasing/recruiting year. By the time Kierin was cleared, it was seemingly too late for Kierin to be recruited by colleges. Still, Ryan devoted the time and effort to Kierin. He didn’t “give up” on him. He contacted schools on behalf of Kierin and sent video. He persistently followed up. And ultimately was vital in getting Kierin an offer from a top Division II program, despite Kierin missing his crucial junior year. Thanks Ryan!

Jim Orlando

During my time playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks I was surrounded by some of the countries most talented coaches and players. They all showed true passion and love for the game. The way we played and were coached, was aggressive and hard-nosed baseball. I believe strongly in that style of play. I have yet to see another organization who can compare to what the staff of the East Coast Lumberjacks are doing for their players not only on the field but what they do for there players off the field.

Brady J Sigut
Norwin High School 2018
Seton Hall University

Playing for Coach Pembroke has been nothing but a blessing for me and my family. Since I was 7 years old, Coach Pembroke would do whatever it took to make sure I was prepared for whatever tournament, showcase, or event I had ahead of me. He is one of the hardest working coaches I’ve ever been around and will push his players to reach there full potential on and off the field. No matter what, whether it is baseball or not, I can go to Coach Pembroke and I know he will give me his best advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

Along side Coach Pembroke is easily the best staff I have ever played for. Dan and Elliot are two coaches that make the game of baseball fun. They are both coaches you love to be around, while knowing they are going to push you to the end.

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions of my life, and I wouldn’t change anything about the experience I had representing the best organization in New York!

TJ Wachter
Stony Brook School – 2021
College Commitment – Fordham – 2025

Before I joined the lumberjacks, I was a player who jumped from travel organization to organization trying to find a home. As soon as I joined the lumberjacks, I knew I found a place where I was going to get better and get the exposure I needed to find a home at a college. Ryan Pembroke always is sure to do his due diligence to help every one of his players play at the next level. I’m glad I found the Lumberjacks and they do it better than any other organization in the northeast. I’d like to thank Ryan, Dan, and Elliot for always pushing me and instilling confidence in me.

Peter Minneci
Shoreham-Wading River 2019
Limestone College

On February 5th 2019 my son Peter Minneci committed to Limestone college. The Pembroke brothers have been essential figure’s in Peter’s life from 11 years old and have given him a second family on the field. It’s the dedication of Ryan, Dan and the entire Lumberjack’s staff, that had lead and shaped my son into the player and person he is today. Peter has played 3 travel seasons with the Lumberjacks and we couldn’t imagine being a part of any other team, I would recommend to anyone who is serious about college baseball and looking for coaches who will help them in every way possible to join the Lumberjacks. Ryan works endlessly to assure that college scouts and coaches are present at all of our games, he will work around the clock to help your child find the perfect fit for college and that’s what separates the Lumberjacks from other teams. We are grateful to have been a part of the Lumberjacks family.

Michael Minneci

When Joining the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would like to thank Coach Pembroke and Coach Anzalone for the support all throughout the way. Throughout all the tournaments they’re has been tons of scouts looking at each player on the team. If it wasn’t from Coach Pembroke, then none of this would have ever happened. If anyone is looking for a baseball team, then I highly recommend East Coast Lumberjacks! Thank you again

Coach Ryan and Anthony!!

Kyle Owens
Longwood High School
Felician University

Joining the East Coast lumberjacks organization was one of the best decisions of my life . Coach Pembroke has allowed me to grow on and off the baseball field as an individual . Throughout all the tournaments there were always college coaches watching our team . Pem’s love for this game is unmatched. The East Coast lumberjacks is the best travel ball team out there. With the East Coast Lumberjacks I was able to receive all exposure to every power 5 baseball conference, and with that being said because of the ECL family. I will be furthering my academic and baseball career at Rutgers University #Big10.

Robert Mannino
Colts Neck High school 2020
Rutgers University 2024

When Robby’s USA Baseball Coach made the introduction to Ryan Pembroke, I immediately knew this was the right coach to continue to train our son and help him get to the next level.Coach Ryan’s constant hard work, passion and attitude couldn’t help but rub off on our son on and off the field. The East Coast Lumberjack’s 2020 team is made up of extremely talented and focused ball players all pushing each other to their maximum potential. The professional level of coaching provided by Ryan, Dan, Elliott and Justin are at the top of the game and second to none. The East Coast Lumberjacks gave Robby the opportunity to play in all the top tournaments throughout the country, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Diamond Nation. During each of these events Coach Ryan always had multiple college scouts attending to watch our son showcase his talents. The most impressive part was Ryan’s constant communication and feed back from all of the college coaches and scouts. Thanks to Ryan’s guidance and hard work Robby has recently committed to Rutgers University #Big10. The Mannino Family can’t thank you enough for helping Robby achieve this goal.

Robert & Carolann Mannino
Robert Mannino
Colts Neck, NJ JROTC
Rutgers University #Big10

This past August our son Roman had the opportunity to try out for the East Coast Lumberjacks. We had heard of the team through his pitching coach Bob Cook and reached out to them for a tryout. We were excited that he made the team as a RHP/SS and looked forward to a great spring of showcase baseball. Little did we know that we were in for three fall tournaments, one of which would set Roman on the track for committing to Notre Dame as a right-handed pitcher three months into his sophomore year!

In the three tournaments that we attended, Program owners/Team coordinators/coaches Ryan and Daniel Pembroke showed such a passion for baseball that it is contagious. Their experience and knowledge of the game and the college recruitment process, coupled with their contacts with Division I, Division II and Division III coaches make them a stand out program for any player looking to excel to the next level.

Deciding to play with a showcase team nearly four hours away from where we live was not a difficult decision when we looked at the track record for the East Coast Lumberjacks. We are very happy with our decision and very proud to say our son has reached one of his baseball goals; Playing for a Power 5, Division I baseball team!

We look forward to the next three years with this team and encourage anyone who is looking to play showcase baseball to give the East Coast Lumberjacks a serious look!

Thank you coaches Ryan, Daniel and Bob!

Elly and Jeff Kimball
New Hartford, NY

First, I would like to thank all the coaches on the ECL staff. Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, and Coach Cook are all wonderful coaches and provided everything they said they would. I joined the Lumberjacks this fall and I played in two tournaments and got in contact with three ACC schools. The amount of exposure one gets from the tournaments that they attend are unreal. I was very fortunate to receive an offer from The University of Notre Dame that I could not turn down. Without the Lumberjacks I wouldn’t have been seen by any of the schools that were in attendance at any of the tournaments. If you are looking to play baseball at the Division one level this is the place to be.

Roman Kimball
New Hartford 2021
University of Notre Dame 2025

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks has been a great choice along with a great experience. I’d like to thank Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach E, Coach Trainer, and Coach Anzalone for all they have done to help improve my game and help Improve me as a person. It has been a great year learning from the best.

Trey Miller
Rocky Point High School
Herkimer Community College

Playing for the Lumberjacks was one of the best choices I’ve made. The coaches are great coaches and great guys. The exposure you get playing with the Lumberjacks is amazing, they bring you to all the best tournaments and showcases with tons of college coaches there. The coaches are always looking out for the players and put the players first.

Andrew Veit
Bellport High School 2019 Grad
St. Peter’s University Class of 2023

I had a great experience with the Lumberjack organization. Coach Ryan, Dan, Joe, and Elliot were outstanding with teaching me baseball at a high level. The Lumberjacks played against some of the top teams in the country. Coach Pembroke does a fantastic game with providing players with college exposure. Anyone that knows Coach Ryan is well aware that he is constantly talking to college coaches trying to find college homes for his Lumberjack players. The Lumberjacks are the best Organization in New York if you are trying to play College baseball.

Daniel Petrouskie
IMG Academy
Post University ‘23

As a baseball parent, all you want is your children to have an opportunity in life. There are good possibilities with the Lumberjacks Baseball Club. College scouts are present at the games. College coaches are in contact head coach Ryan Pembroke. Coach Pembroke has great energy. As in any successful team or even a business, the first thing you look at is get-up-and-go; the rest of auspicious attributes of a coach will fall into place. Coach Pembroke is a “hustler” in every good sense of the word and its meaning.

The personality’s dynamic of the coaches’ personalities is another key, which makes them successful, is how their different personalities complement each other. Coach Pembroke is very gregarious. He is not afraid to go up any college coach and talk about his players. His brother Dan is a thinker who is his deeply viewing the game, and bestows sincere accolades to when a player Lumberjack does something well in his performance. All of the coaches do not yell or scream at your son when they make a mistake in the field. This trait is what makes them professional. Coach Joe Trainor has a sound knowledge of pitching. Coach Elliott Ayala has a lot of professional baseball experience and has a good demeanor of conveying skillful techniques to the Lumberjack players.

Lastly, my wife suffered with cancer for quite a while. Her sickness was hard our family. She passed away. She wanted me to make every game, even though she could not. Coach Pembroke offered and drove my son when I could not attend. That is bigger than baseball.


Tom Petrouskie and family.
Go Jacks!

Our son Andrew has played travel ball since he was 8 years old. He was on organizations that were good and not so good. His last 2 years as an ECL player have been amazing. The coaching staff has put so much effort forth in taking Andrew to the next level. We don’t think you can find another organization out there who dedicates as much time as Ryan and the other coaching staff. Never giving up on him or allowing him to give up on himself. The tournaments and clinics Andrew participated in gave Him a great amount of exposure and opportunity to advance his baseball career. Thank you Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliot for your time and effort.

Bill & Kelli Veit
Andrew Veit
2019 Bellport HS
Saint Peter’s University

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks has been a great experience and I would like to thank Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Elliot and Coach Trainor for helping me achieve my goal of playing college baseball. They are some of the best at getting their players exposure in front of college coaches and will help open doors for all their players. They also have a ton of knowledge about the game and will use it to help you get better everyday. If your goal is to play college baseball then you want to be a part of the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Michael Gunning
Rocky Point High School 2019
Lafayette College

We chose the East Coast Lumberjacks because they are an elite baseball organization with an impeccable reputation for getting their players committed to college teams…and they delivered!!! Ryan Pembroke and the East Coast Lumberjacks coaching staff provided my son, Michael, with a top notch comprehensive baseball program that significantly contributed to his opportunity to play baseball in college. The professionally run intense training regimen and practices more that prepared my son for playing in front of college coaches at the various tournaments. Although Michael had only joined the East Coast Lumberjacks this past summer, Ryan Pembroke and his staff immediately put 100% effort into not only further developing Michael as a player, but most importantly successfully utilizing their extensive connections with college coaches. Ryan was constantly communicating with coaches to set up opportunities for Michael to be seen either at tournaments, prospect camps, or practices. We can’t thank Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Elliot, and Coach Trainor enough for all they did for Michael, especially in such a short amount of time!!!

Mike & Kristen Gunning
Michael Gunning
Rocky Point HS 2019
Lafayette College

First and foremost, We would like to thank Coach Ryan Pembroke, Coach Dan , Coach Elliott and Coach Trainor for all their hard work, time and expertise they have shared and put into the growth of my son Tyler . It’s this simple ” There is no other organization that does it better ” . The time and effort put in by these coaches is unmatched ! If your looking for an organization that will bring you to the next level , I highly recommend The East Coast Lumberjacks !!!

Kevin & Kelly Widercrantz
Tyler Widercrantz
SWR H.S 2019
Saint Anselm Dll

Best decision our son made was to join the Lumberjacks! The team gave Matt exposure beyond what we imagined. The coaches are top-notch and know their stuff. My son actually loved how they were able to analyze everything on the field and give feedback. The coaches knowledge and energy for baseball is contagious. They don’t miss a beat and solely are there to help the players become better and get in front of college coaches. Ryan is great about getting conversations going with colleges and keeps the process going. Tournaments were well picked and executed.

Tom and Aimée Nyce

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks is a decision I will never regret. Not only did I get to play in front of college coaches every time I stepped onto the field, but I got to learn more about baseball and what I needed to do in order to become a better player.
Coach Ryan will go to bat for you and get you where you want to be, which is something you don’t get in many other organizations.
If you want to become a better player and play at the next level I highly recommend playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Matt Nyce
Princeton Day School 2019
Lackawanna College

Thank you to Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Elliot, Coach Trainor, and Adam Merone of the East Coast Lumberjacks for helping me achieve my goal of playing college baseball.
These guys are extremely knowledgeable of the game and are dedicated to getting guys committed. Coach Pembroke made sure that our team traveled around the country to play in the best tournaments, against the best competition, and in front of the right eyes all the time. If you are dedicated to baseball and have aspirations of playing in college or even after college, The Lumberjacks is the program you want to be apart of.

Tyler Widercrantz
Shoreham Wading River HS 2019
Saint Anselm College

I was invited to play with the Lumberjacks when my friend from my other organization called me and asked if i was interested to play with them in a fall PG WWBA tournament. I went down to Florida and met Ryan and we just clicked right their. I told my father I think this would be the best place for me to develop, learn more about the game, and get looked at. Coach Pembroke did just that and it was one of the best decisions for my family and I. He got me noticed all the time at every tournament and from that, helped me to further my academic and athletic career. I would like to thank them again for everything with my development in baseball and as a person.

Nicholas Feretic
Norte Dame High School 2020
Rutgers University 2024

Thank you so very much to Ryan Pembroke and his entire staff. Coach Ryan, Coach Dan, Coach Joe and Coach Elliot are all tireless workers in the pursuit of your child’s baseball dream of playing college baseball. My son had played for many organizations over the years which all treated him fairly but in the Fall of 2017 i found myself searching for another organization. Ryan had heard of my son and invited him to work out for him. From the moment my son attended his workout with Ryan I knew this was the organization he belonged with. Ryan spent at least 15 straight minutes of tirelessly throwing batting practice to my son to see what he was made of. As they both walked off of the field exhausted and dripping sweat I had already come to the conclusion that my son needs to play for this man. I have not been disappointed in my decision for one second. From the high end tournaments where your son will always be exposed to college coaches as well as the pursuit by the entire staff to make your son the best ballplayer he can be this entire organization is first class. There’s not many organizations where your son shows up for a Tuesday night practice at a random field somewhere where you’re going to see 3 or 4 colleges and a couple of MLB scouts there to watch your son play but this is what your organization does. Thank you again to all of you for helping my son realize his dream.

Jim Patterson
Father of Tyler Patterson 2019 East Meadow Hs

The East Coast Lumberjacks organization is like no other organization I have ever played for before. Coach Ryan, Coach Joe, Coach Dan and Coach Elliot all work tirelessly to help you get better, develop and reach your goal of playing college baseball. When I first joined the Lumberjacks in the fall of 2017, I knew right away that I was in the right place. We only played in the best tournaments out there allowing us to get as much exposure to college coaches as possible. Before, during and after any game we play, you can see Coach Ryan walking around talking to any college coach he sees trying to get his players looks. His passion for what he does is off the charts. I have never had a coach try as hard as he does for the individual players best interests. No other coach would set up a private work out specifically for his players to be watched by college coaches. I have enjoyed every second of playing at this high of a level. I am so thankful for the East Coast Lumberjacks and all they have done for me.

Tyler Patterson
East Meadow High School 2019
Dominican College 2023

I have nothing but great things to say about Coach Ryan and the staff at ECL I was with another organization for most of my travel ball career and it was fulfilled with empty promises I was told I had a lot of schools looking at me and it all seemed to just fall apart my dad was told about ECL through a friend of ours who’s son had just switched organizations were he was also a long time player when my dad spoke to Ryan he knew instantly it would be the right place for me to be playing we were told that we would be doing showcases and top level tournaments and that has been true to this point the staff at ECL only recruits the best players within one month of playing with ECL I was offered a great scholarship to Iona College it was a offer that I could not refuse and I’m proud to say that i am going to play division 1 baseball in the MAAC at Iona College I can’t say enough of Coach Ryan putting me in that situation were the coaching staff at Iona College saw something great in there future pitcher so I was to say thanks to the staff for being honest and keep putting the boys in your program infront of the right schools.

John Nimeth
Red bank Catholic 2020
Iona College class of 2024

So coming from an organization that my son was with for over 3 years, we thought there would be a big transition. That wasn’t the case. Coach Ryan and the staff at ECL knew that john would just plug in and play. We knew instantly that we were in the right spot. We were told a lot of false information from the club we came from. When we joined ECL we we put in the right tournaments and the right show cases. The exposure was unbelievable. It didn’t take Ryan long to get schools interested in my son. I couldn’t believe after only a few months my son committed to play division 1 baseball and continue his academic studies at Iona College. Thanks Ryan for your honesty, ur integrity and ur help.

John Nimeth father of 2020 RBC grad John Nimeth

Thank you very much to Ryan Pembroke and the entire East Coast Lumberjack coaching and training staff! From the very first day of practice I knew things were going to be special here. There are a lot of good organizations out there but with the Lumberjacks it was different. The East Coast Lumberjack coaches are without a doubt the hardest working and most dedicated group you will ever meet, putting in countless hours on and off the field for the players.
The winter workouts and summer season practices are run like college programs. The schedule is very aggressive and extremely challenging geared at getting the boys ready to play at the highest level. Every game has a large number of college coaches in attendance thanks to coach Pembroke’s reputation for having such quality teams and college ready players.

If you want an organization that will stop at nothing to get the most out of your son then the East Coast Lumberjacks are the place to be. Ryan Pembroke will work harder than anyone in the game to put the kids in the right place at the right time to get noticed.

If it weren’t for the East Coast Lumberjacks I don’t think my son TJ would be going to play collegiate baseball at Radford University.

Thank you to Ryan Pembroke and the East Coast Lumberjack coaches for being the best in the business and making my sons dream of playing college baseball come true!

Steve Werner

We met Ryan at the beginning of my son’s sophomore year when we were invited to play at a PG WWBA in Florida. It was Ryan’s first time having a sophomore team and in a short period of time he was able to recruit a very competitive team. We were conflicted about leaving our current organization, which was very fair to my son, and coming to play with Ryan. My son and Ryan clicked immediately. Ryan promised exposure by the highly competitive tournaments to be played and with his network of college coaches. He delivered on both promises. If you want your son to get exposure then Ryan is your best choice to open that door and then your son’s talent is needed to keep it open. Ryan is tremendous at promoting and getting looks for your kid. It almost seems as though Ryan is the one being recruited and that is the kind of passion you want from your travel coach. Looking back, it was the best decision coming to play for Ryan and ECL and I highly recommend him. I am happy to discuss any questions that any prospective ECL player/parent has.

Nick Feretic
Dad of Nicholas – Rutgers 2020

Every parent and player is searching for a travel baseball experience that has; great coaches, a competitive team, a schedule that gets their son in front of college coaches, and a program with an outstanding reputation. The East Coast Lumberjacks, led by Ryan Pembroke, checked all of those boxes and Matt’s experience was outstanding!!

As an athletic director and coach for the past twenty nine years, my standards are very high for coaches and how they run their program.

I was very impressed with Coach Ryan and his staff, they have a plan and a program for getting their players to the next level. Ryan’s work ethic is second to none, he is constantly speaking with coaches from across the country, communicates with both players and parents, and as a result places players in the best schools.

I give the East Coast Lumberjack my strongest recommendation!

Rich Alifano
Matthew Alifano
Adelphi University

Thank you to coach Ryan Pembroke and the East Coast Lumberjacks for helping to make my dream of playing college baseball a reality.

Our team traveled around the country playing in tournaments that had the most college coaches in attendance, as a result, I had three D1 offers and one D2 offer. It really felt like Coach Pembroke was putting me in the right places to be seen and that he was constantly speaking to college coaches about me as a player. If you want to get seen and play for a coach that works really hard to get you a college scholarship, the Lumberjacks are the program!

Matt Alifano
Center Moriches High School 2019
Adelphi University 2023

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. As a parent of an athlete we want is we believe is the best situation for our player. Baseball is a sport, like most, where there are many travel organizations out there telling you that they will help get your son to the next level. It seems to start right after Cooperstown, and before you know it, moves very quickly to College Showcases. The decision you have to make as a parent could be a very important one. Which organization is best to move my child to the College Level? Many travel baseball organizations will tell you things you might want to hear. We found it to be very different with Ryan Pembroke and his coaches at the East Coast Lumberjacks organization. From the start, Ryan said he would provide the opportunity for the player to showcase his ability in front of the College Coaches; it was up to the player to perform for those coaches. Ryan put his teams at the best showcases. He had the team play the best teams at these tournaments to make them more visible. Ryan and his coaches (Dan, Elliot, and Joe) were relentless in teaching these players and helping them to make the best out of their opportunity when it presented itself. When these opportunities presented themselves at the showcases that is when Ryan steps forward and does what Ryan does best. He never missed a moment to talk with a coach about 1 or several of his players. He always managed to have several coaches looking at his teams and he was always in the mix with them. Ryan was always talking with a coach face to face, phone call, or by text. As we went through the recruiting process with our son, and spoke with the different college coaches, we learned that Ryan was well respected with the coaches and his word of a player’s ability was highly regarded. Ryan also stayed involved and helped us navigate through the recruitment process right through our son’s commitment to a D1 program at Marist College. We believe Ryan and his Organization were a big part of our son’s capability to find the best fit and balance at a College to continue to play baseball at a high level while gaining a great education. We want to thank Ryan, Dan, Elliot, and Joe for all their time and energy to help Robert to the next level.

Rob and Stacey Copozzi
Proud Parents of Robert Copozzi

I had first heard about the Lumberjacks organization in the Fall of 2017 when a friend asked me to fill in as an emergency catcher for an older Lumberjacks team. I happen to be playing with another organization at the time and decided to help out. It was then that while playing for the team, I saw how the players liked playing for Coach Dan and the parents spoke very highly of the organization.
As I was still hesitant about switching organizations, I delayed making the move until the end of the winter. It was late in the December of 2017 when I decided to make the move to play in the Lumberjacks organization. I went to a workout so Ryan, or “Pem” as we refer to him, could evaluate me. I walked in and was immediately greeted and began my workout. Ryan was tough, but I seemed to be winning him over. It was when his brother Dan walked in and saw me. Dan came over and welcomed me remembering me from when I filled in for his team. There was no turning back. I saw the schedule he had for the 2020 team and was immediately hooked. I knew his organization was set on giving the players the opportunity to showcase themselves as much as possible. He had the team entered in so many quality tournaments and he let it be known that it was his job to get the players seen and it was up to each individual to perform for the college coaches. He always placed the team against the top competition at these tournaments so the players would get the most exposure. To go along with a great schedule, the Lumberjacks have an amazing coaching staff. Coaches Ryan, Dan, Elliott, and Joe all have great knowledge for the game and want to develop their players to their full potential. What sets this coaching staff apart from others is the ability for Ryan to leave the dugout to speak with any coach that may be interested in one of his players while the others coach the players on the field. Ryan always had a way of having coaches at our games, and would talk with them prior, during, and after the games. During my recruiting process, I learned that Ryan had a reputation among the college coaches as a straight shooter. If he brought up a player’s name to a coach, you knew they would listen to what he had to say and they would make it a point to be at the next game to watch that player. Coach Pembroke puts in countless hours promoting his players to the different college coaches. He genuinely wants his players to succeed and he gives them every opportunity to do so.
Playing for the Lumberjacks this year was one of the best experiences I have had playing baseball. I have made many friendships with my teammates and my coaches that hopefully will continue for years to come. I am very grateful to Coach Pembroke and everybody at the East Coast Lumberjacks organization for giving me the opportunity to be placed in front of so many colleges and to get noticed by coaches across the country. With his help, I was able to secure a D1 commitment from a college I fell in love with and was the best fit for my needs. I’m glad I made the decision to become a Lumberjack.

Robert Copozzi
Center Moriches High School 2020
Marist College 2024

My experience with the Lumberjacks was second to none. The bonds I made with my teammates and coaches is something that I will never forget. The amount of time and effort that all the coaches put in during the whole season is matchless with any other program on along Island. The Lumberjacks are easily the best program on the island no doubt. Coach Pembroke would have colleges down at our practices which no other organization can do. This summer was the greatest experience during travel ball, Ryan would get 10-30 colleges at each game. At Lakepoint we played the best team in the country and put up an incredible fight. There were over 100 colleges at our field to watch us play. The amount of exposure all the players got over the summer is one of the reasons I’m playing D1 baseball in the Big South Conference at Radford University. If it wasn’t for Coaches Dan, Joe, Elliot, and especially Ryan I would not be as good as a player as I am now.

Tj Werner
Mount Sinai High School
Radford University

The East Coast Lumberjacks were a great fit for my son Cameron. It’s really tough to find the right fit in travel baseball, but after the first practice I knew I made the right decision. The coaching staff work tirelessly for these players. Ryan Pembroke gains the kids’ trust and brings out the best in each kid. Not only do they play a top notch schedule, but the amount of practice and instruction is second to none. The relationships Coach Pembroke has with the college coaches is incredible. My son was seen on a daily basis. That’s all you could ask for. I want to thank all the coaches—Ryan, Dan, Joe, and Elliot—for playing a huge role in my son receiving and accepting an offer to play baseball at Boston College.

Rob Leary

Before this season, I knew little to nothing about the Lumberjacks organization. What first sparked my interest was when I looked at their upcoming schedule for the season. The Lumberjacks make it their priority to play against the top competition in the country, while also putting their players on display in front of hundreds of schools. This past season our 2020 team played against numerous ranked teams with countless division 1 players, including the #1 ranked team in the country. To go along with a great schedule, the Lumberjacks have an amazing coaching staff. Coaches Ryan, Dan, Joe, and Elliott all have great knowledge for the game and genuinely want to develop their players to their full potential. I knew right away that this coaching staff was something special just from the way they conducted their winter workouts. Every winter workout and practice over the summer was fast paced and organized to ensure that everybody was getting as much work as possible. Coach Pembroke also puts in countless hours talking to college coaches in order to get his players to the next level. During the season we would have coaches at every game this summer looking at the Lumberjack players. You can’t even walk with Pem before or after games because at some point he is going to stop and talk to a college for the next 10 minutes. He has a high reputation in college circles so when he recommends players, coaches come to see them without question. Playing for the Lumberjacks this year was the most fun summer I have ever had playing baseball. I have made lasting bonds with my teammates and my coaches that will continue for years to come. I am extremely grateful to Coach Pembroke and everybody at the East Coast Lumberjacks organization for helping me to get noticed by coaches across the country and helping me become a D1 player. I’m glad I made the decision to become a Lumberjack because without it I wouldn’t have been able to handle the college process by myself.

Cameron Leary
St. Anthony’s 2020
Boston College Class of 2024

The East Coast Lumberjacks, led by Coach Ryan, exceeded my expectations during the 2018 season. The Lumberjacks coaches are “Baseball Dudes” that had the best interest in all their players. A rising senior, Kyle had one more summer season to secure a spot at the next level. The Lumberjacks prepared him from the start to make his dream come reality. Coach Ryan and his staff tirelessly worked on his physical and mental baseball skills to elevate his game. In all my years, I have not witnessed a better communicator with college coaches. He works before, during and after games to gauge interest from recruiters and places his players in the right spots. These efforts provided Kyle with multiple D1 interest and offers. Kyle ultimately chose the United States Naval Academy.

If your son has the skills and desire to play at the next level, there is no doubt the Lumberjack organization will do everything to get him there.

Thank you Lumberjacks!

Jim Rausch

Coach Pembroke went above and beyond to deliver his promises of getting schools to attend my games and also receiving offers from several Division I programs. The coaches Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliot sacrificed immense amounts of their time in order to prepare me for the upcoming summer season and my recruiting process. They have helped me bring my game to the next level and prepare me for the future. I recommend Coach Pembroke’s organization to any serious baseball players that want their talents to be known and want to play at the next level. Coach Ryan is a high energy coach that wants his players to succeed and he will do anything to see that happen. I would like to thank the coaches for a great experience and allowing me to take my talents to the next level!

Kyle Rausch
Longwood High school 2019
United States Naval Academy 2023

We were hesitant to leave the comfort of a baseball team our son Daniel played with since he was 12 years old. It wound up being the best decision.

We made the decision to join the Lumberjacks because Ryan assured us that Daniel would be playing baseball in college. Ryan, Daniel, Joe and Elliot worked with Daniel both with the team and individually. They got him so much exposure by playing at highly competitive tournaments that were attended by so many college coaches and scouts. Ryan always made himself available to call coaches, make introductions, set up and attend visits with us.

After playing just one season with the East Coast Lumberjacks Daniel will be fulfilling his dream….he just committed to play Division One Baseball at Iona College.

Daniel and Linda Palermo
Parents of Daniel Palermo

Coach Ryan Pembroke’s passion for baseball coupled with his commitment to each and every East Coast Lumberjack player is truly hard to beat! Not only will you be playing for a top-notch organization with a knowledgeable and dedicated coaching staff, you can count on some serious competition at some of the best venues out there. Not only will you have an opportunity to be seen by college coaches, Coach Ryan Pembroke and the other coaches will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you succeed in making your dream of playing college ball come true.

If you are looking for a team that feels like family and coaches that absolutely go the extra mile, I would highly recommend the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Thank you, Ryan!

Deb Odell
Mother of Austin Odell

Playing with the East Coast Lumberjacks was easily the best decision i made. We compete at the highest levels and have the best coaching staff on the east coast. The players that ECL bring in are highly competitive making you always working harder to compete with the next guy. They always taught us to always play “loose”, play our game, and told us not to be scared. This mentality stuck with all of us through the summer making our team very hard to beat. With great energy and intensity at practice we always get the most work in, there is never a day to slack off. At games there are constantly college coaches surrounding the perimeter of the field watching the East Coast Lumberjacks. Big thanks to coaches Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliot, and all players who gave me a unforgettable experience these past two summers.

Dylan Stalzer
Sachem East, 2018
Berry College

When I first came to play for the Lumberjacks, I could tell this team was one that you wouldn’t want to be on the opposing side. The players, coaches, and fans have a great relationship that leads to an unbeatable team chemistry. Not only that, but the team is full of talent. Being a pitcher, I felt confident every time I took the mound because I knew the defense behind me and the power of the offense had my back. Coach Pembroke and the staff are unrelenting and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your dream of playing college ball and I’m thankful to have met them. I would recommend the Lumberjacks to any player looking to play with a team loaded with talent and great team chemistry that plays and beats top teams all around the country.

Austin Odell
Bishop Shanahan High School 2018
Bucknell University

I spent two summers playing on a team with the best baseball players I know and for the best organization for college recruitment. If you want to play division 1 baseball there is no doubt that the Lumberjacks is where you want to be. Ryan went above and beyond to deliver his promises of getting schools to come watch our games. The coaches Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliot sacrifice huge amounts of their time for us. For that and for so much more I thank them. They helped me bring my game to the next level and prepared me for the future. I’m definitely going to miss playing for this team and with the boys but I can’t wait to play against them in college.

David Soto
Brentwood High School – 2018
Rutgers University

Coach Pembroke has been a fantastic coach from the beginning since i first joined the East Coast Lumberjacks. I began playing for the Lumberjacks in the summer of 2015. Before joining the team I was unsure of my abilities to play college baseball. Coach Pembroke really opened my eyes and helped me tap into my true potential as a ballplayer. I believe coach Pembroke has greatly contributed to making me the baseball player I am today. I am playing baseball at a division 3 junior college next year which was made possible by Coach Ryan Pembroke.

Thomas Hudzik
Ward Melville High School 2017 Grad
Suffolk CC (JUCO)

The experience of being a Lumberjack is non-comparable. Me walking on the team, earning my spot and bonding with people I’ve never seen before wasn’t easy, but after a couple team workouts it felt like home because of the great people and players on and off the field surrounding me. The competitiveness of the game, sights and sounds of baseball and the coaching to heavily improve your game comes all in one. You’re going to be playing nationwide tournaments in front of scouts ranging from 10-50 a game. The time I had over the year I played with ECL gave me brothers, family and lifetime enjoyment all in one. If you were to play for any team on the east coast where would you rather be then the lumberjacks as a baseball player. The ongoing success that is rapidly on the come up is due to the handful of coaches in the staff. Each and every one of them has beyond knowledge of the game and will work overtime for you to have a better baseball experience and an even brighter future on the next level.

Michael Bradley
William Floyd High School 2017 Grad
Nassau CC (JUCO)

On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for all of your effort getting Ryan committed to LIU Brooklyn. With all of the organizations out there taking your money and handing out empty promises, the East Coast coaches took all the time and effort to get my son to play to his potential. This is one of the reasons I feel your organization is the preeminent baseball program on LI! Any kid who has aspirations of playing at the collegiate level should seriously consider what you do for your players before signing on with one of the large, faceless, baseball businesses in the area. The personal attention you give to all your players is anything short of amazing! Many thanks to the entire staff, Dan, Ryan, Joe and Elliot, for all of their hard work and dedication. I would especially like to thank Ryan for all his work off the field and being the conduit to these college programs. Thank you, not only for setting up all of my son’s college campus visits, but for taking the time to accompany us and speak with these coaches. It was great having that extra advocate in the room!
Many thanks, and wishing your staff and organization nothing but success!

Joe Mullahey – Dad

Playing for the Lumberjacks was the best decision I ever made. There are many “elite” travel teams but none of them are like this. Playing with this team is what gave me the opportunity to play at the next level. The exposure you get is insane, sometimes with 15-20 D1 schools at a game. This is also because of Coach Pembroke, one of the hardest working coaches out there. If you ever need help with anything is there for you. he is working to get everyone to college. With the help of coach Ryan and the rest of the Lumberjack coaches I have an able to play college baseball on the division 1 level.

Ryan Wappaus
Newfield High School 2018 Grad
St. Peter’s University

I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for the Lumberjacks. The level of experience that the coaching staff offers and the D1 exposure they get you is second to none in the Northeast. They eliminate the weight that the recruitment process can put on your shoulders, which helps you just focus on playing the game of baseball at the highest level. Not only are you a top priority unlike other big-name organizations, you become a part of a family. The effort and amount of time that the coaches put into the teams and every individual player is unmatched and I’ve yet to see another staff care more about their players and parents then this group. I couldn’t have accomplished my dream of playing Division 1 baseball without the ECL Family.

Ryan Mullahey C-RHP-1B
Shoreham Wading-River High School – 2018
College Commitment – LIU Brooklyn

The experience with East coast lumberjacks has well exceeded my expectations for my son Ryan. The Pembroke’s Ryan and Dan have and are creating a culture to success. Ryan Pembroke is doing work for his players that no other program is doing, we have been involved in a few programs. They are constantly working to get their players the exposure needed for them to compete in some of the top tournament’s in the country. It’s a program that doesn’t have the factory type layout. They work for their players. Without a doubt, if not for the work and hustle of the coaches at east coast lumberjacks. My son would not have had the colleges that have been following him and getting the offers available to him.
Thank you to all of the coaches,
Ryan, Danny ,Elliot, Joe

Robert Wappaus – Dad
Ryan Wappaus – 2018 ECL
D1- St. Peters University Commit – MAAC

When I initially planned on joining the Lumberjacks earlier this year I had no clue how big of an impact it would have on my life. The whole summer I had the chance to display myself for so many Division 1 coaches thanks to Coach Pembroke. No matter when or where the game was he always managed to get at least 5 coaches there to watch me pitch and I couldn’t be more thankful. On top of that Coach Dan and Coach Trainor helped me grow as a pitcher and overall player. Without the help of these guys I wouldn’t be the player I am today and would not be playing Division 1 baseball next year. If you want to play at the next level this is the team for you!!

Gabe Romano
Shoreham-Wading River 2018
Quinnipiac University Commit

Coach Pembroke believes in his players and his players believe in him in return. He is never too busy to speak with a player or parent, whether it is a late night or early morning phone call. Everything the East Coast Lumberjacks staff said they would do they did with tremendous effort and energy. They proactively network with the college coaches and pro scouts and travel to the right places to put their players in front of the right people. It was a great pleasure to witness the team work as a unit and have a great time together. The inspiration behind that is the entire coaching staff, Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliott. THIS TEAM IS THE REAL DEAL. Thank you so very much for a great experience.

Mel and Patti Soto – Parents

First, I would like to thank Ryan Pembroke and the Lumberjacks coaching staff for everything they have done for me the past 2 seasons. Being a part of an organization like the Lumberjacks is a one of a kind experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Ryan Pembroke took me under his wing when I was a sophomore in high school and getting me interest from over 10 Division 1 schools that fitted for me personally and made me feel at home. That’s the great thing about the coaches here at the Lumberjacks. They will work day and night for you personally to have the school that fits you best give you an offer that you can’t refuse. Ryan Pembroke wasn’t just a coaching figure in my life. But a role model that represents how to be a leader and how to play baseball the right way every single time you’re on the field.

Pryce Jones
Indian River High School, DE
Class of 2018
Rend Lake College D1 JUCO

Ryan Pembroke and the Lumberjacks’ coaching staff made it possible for our son to get the scholarship to the prestigious national university that he dreamed about.

Their energetic coaching, advising, and upping his game was unmatched; their ability to find and get him into tournaments and showcase events where he could thrive and be seen was fabulous; and their solid relationships with an array of scouts and deep knowledge of colleges of all types in our region and beyond was incredible. Most importantly, Ryan was always there for our son and for us, and so we are deeply thankful to him and the staff for everything they did to get our son this far.

Rod Kovel – Dad

The Lumberjacks are a one of a kind organization. You will be put up against the best players in the country with the top colleges in the country scouting you. The coaches are excellent and have a very extensive knowledge of baseball and will develop each player on and off the field. As long as you put in the work on and off the field, you will have a chance to play college baseball at the highest level.

Ben Kovel
Calhoun HS 2019
Fordham University

We could not be happier with the East Coast Lumberjacks. My son was entering the summer before his senior year in high school with the goal of a D1 commitment. We both decided that Ryan Pembroke and rest of the Lumberjack coaches were the best option to make it happen. The track record of commitments on the team’s website is beyond impressive. My son had college offers in the middle of the summer season, and ended the year with a commitment to Quinnipiac University. Watching this team in action makes you appreciate all of the hard work that goes into reaching that goal. Ryan has college coaches present at workouts, practices, and scrimmages. I’m my years of having sons in travel baseball, I’ve never seen this level of exposure. Beyond that, the boys learn what is necessary to be successful on and off of the field. The coaches ensure that once a commitment is achieved, the boys know what is necessary to maximize their opportunities and be successful. I can’t recommend the East Coast Lumberjacks more highly if you have a son who aspires to play college baseball.

Augustine Romano MD – Dad

My name is Avery Cook. I am a 2019 graduate of Whitesboro High School. I am also a St. John’s baseball commit. Without the help of Coach Pembroke and the whole Lumberjacks coaching staff I wouldn’t be where I am today. From the first tournament with them, you could tell that this organization was special. They want you to not only get to the next level, but they want you to become better ball players, and have fun while you’re doing it. Coach Pembroke works extremely hard to get you to where you want to be!!

Avery Cook
Whitesboro High School 2019
St. John’s University

ECLJ is an integrity driven organization who is driven to develop talented baseball players who are looking to achieve a higher level of success in their baseball career. Like most talented players our son has played with various teams. No other organization will work as relentlessly to ensure players have visibility by scouts all over the US! Ryan, thank you for your support and leadership for ensuring our son found the school that best suited his future career goals.

Audra Jones – Parent

East Coast Lumberjacks Baseball program is a baseball program that can compete with any other program out there. With a professional coaching staff, not only do they develop players, but they also provide every opportunity for players to excel on the field to play at the next level. They give 100 percent of their time to promote every player in the Lumberjacks program.
Thank You for all your hard work.

Bob Cook – Field of Dreams Sports Complex, LLC
Owner / Professional Baseball Instructor
Associate Scout Cincinnati Reds
Consulting Sports Agent (National Sports Management)

Playing on the East Coast Lumberjacks was a great experience. The team was made up of top notch players. We played in the best tournaments and always had a phenomenal turnout of scouts watching, thanks to Ryan and his staff. Coach Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliott are very dedicated to their players. I would like to personally thank each one for making my experience with the Lumberjacks an unforgettable and memorable one.

Kyle Olson – OF
Sachem High School North – 2018
College Commitment – Adelphi University

My experience with Coach Ryan and the Lumberjacks has been a very positive one.
Ryan Pembroke has a passion for baseball and it shows in his coaching. I would like to thank Coach Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliott for their dedication to their players and for giving my son the opportunity to play on the Lumberjacks.

Tim Olson

My time spent with the Lumberjacks was the best summer of baseball i’ve ever played. Every game was a big game with scouts surrounding the field. Coaches Ryan, Dan, Elliot and Joe always found a way to keep the games loose but serious at all times. They taught you how to run the field as soon as you get on it, and “play like savages” at all times. The best part about the East Coast Lumberjacks is that the coaches not only learn the type of player you are on the field, they learn what kind of person you are off of it. They know your family and treat them as if they were on the field with us. The Lumberjacks are one huge family that will always want the best for eachother.

Dan Palermo
Sachem East High School 2018
Iona College

Our experience of playing with the Lumberjacks was enlightening. We are big believers that everything happens for a reason. We were searching for a good hitting coach for our son and Ryan Pembroke came highly recommended as one of the top hitting coaches on Long Island. As a coach myself, I asked, who would I entrust to pull the maximum potential out of my son to play at the highest level possible? After my son was asked to play with the Lumberjacks, we received our answer. I found Ryan, Daniel, Joe and Elliot to be a class act. They were extremely knowledgeable. Their work ethic and core values were encouraging to see. The winter workouts were challenging for the kids, but prepared them for a competitive summer season. The staff’s determination to compete at a high level has given the Lumberjacks organization a desirable respect with many creditable colleges and universities. We found their network of relationships with the many scouts and coaches to far exceed expectations. This team was a careful selection of very talented kids that competed with some of the best teams in the nation. I must say, it was also a great experience for the parents too. You find yourself developing new relationships with some really good people that have the same goal in mind. If you’re looking for your child to play college baseball at the highest level I would highly recommend playing for this organization. “Lumberjacks”. Thank you guys for making my son’s dreams come true. Great job.

Steve Paladino

My son Nick is a senior Pitcher for Division H S , He’s a big kid who has had great success during his travel/ H S career,. but had little interest from colleges during the summer season, mainly D2/D3 interest with only a few offers.

Nick and I felt that he should have had more looks/offers but with summer season coming to an end and most colleges not having 2018 money left we were not sure how we could make that happen.

Than a friend gave me Ryan Pembroke number from the East Coast Lumberjacks and bingo everything change quickly. We join the team in fall and my boy threw in a few tournaments in the fall and the interest in Nick peak dramatically .

Nick only threw 8 inn total with the Jacks but within that period he receive real interest from D1 D2 schools such as West Point , U Albany , Iona, St Peters, Adelphi, Post U and more. It was amazing, Ryan seem to have every one of these coaches cell numbers and with one call from Ryan, schools were coming to watch my boy throw in games and Nick visit these schools and threw in front of their coaching staffs.

I’m very happy to say that my boy receive scholarship offers from some of the schools I mention and finally sign a NLI to play baseball for Post U this past Wednesday . I can honestly say that if we didn’t hook up with Ryan and the Jacks in the fall these offers and Nick getting a baseball scholarship to Post University would not have happen.

We can’t thank Ryan, his coaching staff and Nick’s teammates enough and I would highly recommend the Lumberjacks to any parent /baseball player who wants to play at the next level. Caution – Bring you A game cause the competition the Jacks play is legit.

Phil Fressle – Parent

Before I joined the East Coast LumberJacks in the Fall of 2017, I only had a few college looks. After my first few tournaments with them, Coach Pembroke already had a few D1 colleges looking at me including West Point, Iona, UAlbany, and Saint Peters. I was able to pitch and perform well in some of the top tournaments in the North East during the fall which gave me a lot of exposure to schools. Coach Pembroke was a positive influence, not only on my game but my teammates and I as well. After a lot of consideration, even though I had a Division 1 offer, I felt that Post University was the best fit for me to excel at the next level. I fell in love the program and the Coaches. I would recommend to anyone who has the desire to play at the next level to join the East Coast LumberJacks organization. A special thanks to Coach Pembroke and his coaching staff for all there hard work and dedication to my college recruiting process.

Nicholas Fressle
Division Avenue High School
Class of 2018
Committed to Post University on November 15th, 2017

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks was one of the best opportunities I have been given as a baseball player. Prior to playing for this organization I did not have any college looks involving baseball. I started playing for the Lumberjacks in my sophomore year in highs chool. I was eager to start the summer off with this talented team but unfortunately I was not able to play due to a serious injury. Coach Pembroke never gave up on me and was exciting for my return next year. Even though I missed a crucial year in the recruitment process I was still able to get several division one interests, including NJIT, West Point, and Saint Peter’s. With my recent commit to Saint Peter’s, I owe it all to the East Coast Lumberjacks. Coach Ryan Pembroke, Coach Dan Pembroke, Coach Joe, and Coach Elliot are the best coaches I have ever played for and I am proud to be a part of this successful team. Joining the Lumberjacks makes it a lot easier in the recruitment process of playing college baseball and Coach Pembroke has connections to almost every college a person can think of. My best advice to any high school player is to join the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Jared Paladino
St. Dominic’s High School 2018
St. Peter’s University

I had an amazing experience playing for the Lumberjacks. Playing with that team gave me the opportunity to get better every time I stepped on the field because of the outstanding coaching staff and teammates I had. The college exposure I obtained was great, I couldn’t thank the coaching staff enough for all they did for me and helping me accomplish my goal of playing Division 1 baseball. I was always excited to play with the Lumberjacks every time I toed the rubber, I knew I had a solid defense and a coaching staff ready to support me. I know that I could always go back to the coaches and talk to them about anything. I loved this team!

Zach White – RHP
Shoreham-Wading River High School – 2016 Grad
New York Institute of Technology

The East Coast Lumberjacks coaching staff provides the best exposure you are going to find. Throughout the past two summers, I can’t remember a time where we didn’t have colleges at a game. Ryan and the rest of the coaches are able to get high level college programs at a game consistently. Also, playing against the best competition in the country I feel really helped me improve as a player. Playing in tournaments in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida really help you get exposure from school all over the country. The Lumberjacks have had over 10 commits in two seasons and a big part of it is the hard work the coaches are putting into this program.

Nick Manesis – OF
Shoreham-Wading River High School – 2017
College Commitment – United States Military Academy at West Point (Army)

Playing for the Lumberjacks was easily one of the best decisions of my life. You don’t know real high school baseball until you play for a program like this. Every game you’re under a spotlight. The people you want to watch you are there and it’s in your hands to make sure you put the work in and perform so you get where you want to be. The coaches are unreal and devote basically their whole life to you and the team, there’s nothing like it any where else. It’s a family out there not just a team, All the memories and good times at practice, in the cages, and on the diamond are things I will never forget. The East Coast Lumberjacks are the real deal when it comes to balling out and getting scouted. Ryan Pembroke is a absolute stud at what he does!

Joey Rosselli – OF
Ward Melville High School- 2017
College Commitment – Monmouth University

The Lumberjacks are the #1 program in NY for anyone interested in playing at the next level. Nobody works harder for his players than Coach Pembroke. 24/7 he is working to get everyone to the best college they can get into, and you’ll always have schools coming to see you play.

Miles Kelly – 1B/OF
Shoreham-Wading River High School – 2017
College Commitment – College of Charleston

Playing with the East Coast Lumberjacks was hands down the best move I could have possibly made!

On Long Island there is only a few organizations people would play for and I’ve played for a couple of them. After my freshman year, my family and I decided we needed a change. It was important to select an organization who will help you get to the next level. During that time, I heard from a buddy of mine that a coach he who has been working with wanted to start up a new showcase travel baseball team. I was certainly interested. He gave me his information and I went down to a workout to find out what this was about. This is when i was introduced to Ryan and Dan Pembroke. Two all out baseball guys who are hungry and want what’s best for the kids. I learned that the wanted to provide the most exposure possible. The wanted us to challenge ourselves by playing in tough competitive tournaments, often playing up. Therefore my family and I decided to join this first year organization. All winter long (my sophomore year) we were working out getting ready for the summer, often working out 3-4 times a week. Another factor for me was the previous organization said I would not last at shortstop. After watching me over the course of our initial workouts, Coach Ryan disagreed with the point and said “You are a shortstop and you going to be my shortstop! I don’t care what anyone says”. Summer season comes around and from the very first game and at most games throughout the entire summer, we would have college scouts there. In fact, it’s hard to remember when there wasn’t a scout. It was no coincidence to why this was happening. Coach Ryan would go out of his way to contact college coaches and get them down to the games because he knew there was talent on this team and he believe in us. That first summer with the Lumberjacks, I received a lot of interest from many colleges, along with some offers. Early in my junior year, I sat down with Ryan and he helped me narrow down which college was going to be the best fit for me all around. Coach Ryan believed in me that I could be a shortstop, not just for this team but on the college level. I am now committed as a shortstop going to the University of Pittsburgh, who play in one of the premier conferences in the country…the ACC.  I could not have done it with out Coach Ryan and the rest of the East Coast Lumberjacks family (Coaches Dan, Joe and Elliott). With the help of them, the 2017 Lumberjacks are filled with college commits. If you are looking for a high caliber showcase program that offers a ton of exposure, the East Coast Lumberjacks is the way to go!

Anthony Siroka – SS/RHP
Sachem High School East – 2017
College Commitment – University of Pittsburgh

The Lumberjacks experience was unbelievable. Coach Ryan Pembroke’s ability not only to teach the game, but to get players the exposure they need is second to none. All the members of the coaching staff have an unbelievable knowledge of the game and a drive to win, compete, and teach. The Lumberjacks organization in its first two years has and will continue to demand respect and excellence wherever they go. Whether the tournaments are big or small the Lumberjacks will compete and they will show the immense talent that the organization has. I had a great time playing for all the coaches including Coach Dan, Coach Ryan, Coach Joe, and Coach Eliot. They taught me a lot about this game and about life. I owe a lot to them. The Lumberjacks is the best investment of time you can make. And thank you to the coaches for all you have done for me.

Richie Wells – MIF
Archbishop Stepinac High School – 2016 Grad
Coker College

Originally, Ryan started as a part time player for the East Coast Lumberjacks two years ago, but immediately Coach Pembroke took an interest in his success and worked to get him exposure with quality Division 1 programs. Soon after his first tournament with the ECL, Coach Pembroke was working his contacts and getting scouts to observe our son play. It became routine to see six to ten scouts with a radar gun watching Ryan pitch, and between each inning Coach Pembroke would be talking to these scouts about our son.

During the time between tournaments Coach Pembroke would contact Ryan and provide the contact information for college coaches with dates and times he would need to reach out to them to set up a visit. It became very intense with the amount of attention Ryan was getting and the amount of time that Coach Pembroke invested in opening doors to some of the best baseball programs and the best Universities in the country. Even though our son’s dream is to play baseball, the fact that a quality education is more important never escaped the mind of our Coach.

After numerous college visits and times spent with Division 1 coaches, Ryan had created a list of his top five schools. Coach Pembroke knew his choices and worked his contacts tirelessly to get our son into his dream school. Once his dream school invited Ryan for a visit, Coach Pembroke joined us for the visit knowing how important this visit was to our son. Later that day, Ryan committed to playing Division 1 baseball for Coach Foster at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Ryan has played for numerous travel teams, all with good coaches playing very competitive baseball. However, the experience he received from Coach Pembroke and his organization at the East Coast Lumberjacks far exceeds any of the others. Coach Pembroke devoted a great deal of time and personal expense not only to develop our son into a better player, but also to provide the exposure he needed to attain his dream. We observed Coach Pembroke provide this same level of dedication to all of his players. At last count he had 12 of his players committed to D1 programs within the last twelve months.

We enthusiastically recommend Coach Pembroke and his organization, the East Coast Lumberjacks.

Ronald and Catherine Gerenser

Ryan S. Gerenser – RHP
Avon Grove High School (PA) – 2018
College Commitment – United States Military Academy at West Point (Army)

The Lumberjacks organization has helped me and created a new future for myself. The coaching staff is the best around…helpful, confident, and most of all they are always there. This baseball organization is the best I have personally ever played for and everyone should become a Lumberjack if you want to go on to play college baseball. Ryan Pembroke is the best at getting colleges to come down and the best at getting you to play at the next level. To all the coaches, I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and creating a bright future for me. ECL FAMILY

Thomas Brady – C
Shoreham-Wading River High School – 2017
College Commitment – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Playing with the East Coast Lumberjacks was an amazing experience. Every coach was very knowledgeable and were very willing to share that knowledge. Every guy on the team knew how to work hard and make the important plays. Through many years of playing ball this team was by far my favorite to be around and be a part of. I was amazed at how much exposure I had just through this team. Playing in the WWBA World Series in Georgia with this team was some of the best exposure I had all summer. Thank you so much!!

Thomas Braybrooks – RHP
Albuquerque Academy – 2017
College Commitment – United States Military Academy at West Point (Army)

I played for Coach Ryan, Dan, Joe and Elliot for a year and a half. In that year and a half I was given the guidance to better my game, the showcasing to show my skills to colleges, and an all around great environment to grow and play with my team and coaches. If you want to get the hardest working recruiting coach out there it’s going to be Coach Ryan because he works day in and day out for his players, and even players of other organizations. I’ve never met a more knowledgeable and hardworking coaching staff in my life. Coach Dan and Elliot are both great hitting coaches and know what they are talking about. Coach Joe is also a great pitching coach who knows what it takes to be a great pitcher and will show you the skill set and things needed to achieve that. These men will do whatever it takes to get their players seen and move them on to the next level God willingly. During my time as an East Coast Lumberjack I’ve had a lot of great memories and experiences where the coaching staff and my teammates all have made me grow as a player, a person, and a leader on and off the field. For that, I thank them all and this organization.

Troy Gehrig Davern
Ward Melville High School- 2016 Grad
Monroe College

Being able to play for a team like the Lumberjacks is a great privilege. The coaching staff and players will do anything for one another and will always be there to defend you, on or off the field. All of the Lumberjacks coaches spend a majority of their day getting college scouts to come to every game we play. Because of the exposure I received while playing with the Lumberjacks, I am able to fulfill my dream of playing division 1 baseball. Within one month I went from having 0 college scholarship offers to having 10 scholarship offers. The East Coast Lumberjacks organization is hands down one of the best organizations a player could play for in this country.

David Erickson – RHP
Cape Henlopen High School- 2018
College Commitment – Liberty University

My son, David Erickson, has known Ryan Pembroke, and played for the Lumberjacks for the past year. As a team, David was welcomed into the Lumberjacks family, and quickly developed what I’m sure will be life long relationships with the players and coaches. As a coach, Ryan has taken David under his wing, and helped guide him into becoming not just a good player, but a great young man. Ryan dedicated an enormous amount of time to David over the summer, playing ball in some highly competitive tournaments, which gave David visibility with several outstanding colleges. With Ryan’s guidance, David made the decision to attend Liberty University in the fall of 2018. David would not have achieved this if it was not for the efforts of Ryan. You will not find a better baseball coach, and more importantly, you will not find another coach who has such passion for the game and for the success of each child in his care.

Christy Erickson

My experience playing for the east coast Lumberjacks was great. Their first class coaching staff and college exposure is unmatched and something you can’t find anywhere else on Long Island. They gave me the opportunity to play in front of College coaches on an everyday basis which paved the way for me for me to commit to a great division 2 program where I’ll not only get the chance to play as a freshmen, but compete for a conference championship for the next four years. I can’t thank the Ryan Pembroke and the rest of the coaching staff enough for the past two years.

Tyler Pepper – RHP
Shoreham-Wading River High School – 2017
College Commitment – Felician College

I would like to take this opportunity,to thank the entire EAST COAST LUMBERJACKS organization. From it’s inception they never wavered from the plan. There goal was to preach and teach baseball and for the players that wanted to continue there careers in college, they kept there word and made it possible. They made sure those kids got the opportunity to show case their talent to an array of college coaches and scouts. From the coaches to the players and of course the Moms and Dads first class all the way. Great experience, First Class Organization!

Brian Pepper

Playing with the East Coast Lumberjacks has been a great experience and has tremendously helped me to have the opportunity continue playing at the college level. The coaches worked very hard to get all players exposure to both college and pro scouts. At every game there were always college coaches there watching us play. I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities to continue playing baseball that I have today if I hadn’t played with the Lumberjacks.

Evan Gegeckas – RHP
Downingtown East High School (PA) – 2017
College Commitment – New Jersey Institute of Technology

I want to thank Ryan and the Lumberjack coaching staff for making my dream come true. They are the best at what they do in the baseball world and truly care about each player. At the Lumberjacks everyone is one big family and work each other to reach our full potential. Ryan will work day and night if he has to get to your dream school to your games. The passion that the coaching staff has for players in the organization and for the game of baseball one of a kind. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a player and as person without the help of the Lumberjacks. They made my recruiting process a great experience that you only get to have once. Thank you guys for everything you done! GO JACKS!

Pryce Jones – LHP
Indian River High School (DE) – 2018
College Commitment – United States Military Academy at West Point (Army)

Deciding to join the Lumberjacks was definitely one of my best decision in my life. The coaching staff pushed me to be better than I could have thought, and still they push me. There isn’t a way I could thank Coach Pembroke and the rest of the coaches enough for the amount of D1 college exposure I received. They helped me reach my goal of playing college baseball. There is no other place I would want to play.

Anthony Frechette – C
Salesianum School (DE) – 2018
College Commitment – George Washington University

Jared has worked with Ryan since he was about 10 years old. The training has always been top notch in depth hard work always with Ryan’s 100% attention to every detail. I leaned early on that Ryan’s passion was baseball and his love for the game as well the way you play the game was something I wanted Jared around. As soon as he announced a team of Jared’s age it was a no brainer to be a part of it.

Ryan as well as all the coach’s (Dan.Joe,Elliott) have a tremendous baseball knowledge with the ability to translate that knowledge to the players. They all work extremely hard with all the players preparing them for every game. This was the first time in about 16 years I did not coach which I am glad I did after watching what these guys do. GREAT JOB GUYS!

If you are a top caliber player that wants exposure to play at the next level I suggest you give these guys a call. I have personally witnessed numerous colleges coaches follow us around to watch our guys. These are all kinds of schools all divisions all types of conferences but especially division one schools. At times we had over 20 D-1 schools attend games. I don’t think we played a game this past season without college coaches not only watching us play but in constant communication with Ryan. This guy works all day and night speaking to coaches all over the country getting our team tremendous exposure. My son had so much interest and opportunities that we never would have been able to do on our own.

Thank you Ryan, Dan, Elliott and Joe

Keith Donnelly

I’ve been on the East Coast Lumberjacks for the past two summers and this is the best coaching staff I have been apart of hands down! I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be committed to a college if it wasn’t for this team and these coaches. This team gives the best exposure than any other team I can think of. Coach Ryan is also the hardest working coach I have had and will do absolutely anything to get his players signed. These past two summers there was not one game that scouts didn’t come to watch us play. A few games had to start as late as 1:00 A.M because of rain delays and Coach Ryan still managed to get scouts to come watch us play. The East Coast Lumberjacks is only a two year organization and we almost already have twenty Division 1 commits with about two Division 2 commits. As a beginner program that is unheard of, and it couldn’t of been done without these coaches and especially, Ryan Pembroke and all the hard work and dedication he puts into his players. Ryan is one of the most unselfish people I know and I’m grateful to call him my coach. I’ve spent full days with Ryan and he’s constantly on his phone getting in contact with scouts and colleges and doing whatever he can to get us committed.

Matthew Hirsch – RHP
Centereach High School – 2017
College Commitment – Monroe College

Playing for the Lumberjacks was the best decision I could ever make for my baseball career. There was never a dull moment with my coaches and team. Most of my best memories are from traveling, playing or even just hanging out in the hotel room with the team. The coaching staff for the Lumberjacks, Joe, Dan, Elliot and Ryan are the best it gets, no other coaching staff will do for you what they have done for me. I have learned so many things about the game I would of never known unless I was being coached by them. Let me tell you about Ryan, I have known Ryan for about 6 years now, he is like a older brother to me he gives me great advice not just on but also of the field I wouldn’t be were I am today without him. There is nothing I could do to repay him for all the time him and the the rest of the staff have done for me. If you are looking for a team to play for you would be making the worst decision you could make not playing for the Lumberjacks.

DJ Gatz – INF/OF
Mount Sinai High School – 2017
College Commitment – Campbell University

I’ve played for many different travel baseball programs and the lumberjacks are hands down the best one. Last year i was looking for a team to play for over the summer and the lumberjacks met all my wants: high level competition, college exposure, and a great coaching staff that truly loved the game. This coaching staff is 100% invested into helping each and every kid reach their dreams. They have top level colleges at every game. Within just my first year with the team, they helped me reach my goal to play Division I baseball. The lumberjacks are definitely the way to go.

Jared Donnelly – 2B
Mount Sinai High School – 2017
College Commitment – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Deciding to play for the lumberjacks was easily one of the best baseball decisions of my life. Before this team I had never played for coaches that cared so much for everyone. Ryan and Dan both work tremendously hard to help everyone get college exposure, and get better everyday. My favorite part about playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks was the desire that everyone had to win. Every individual on the team had the same goal in mind during every game, and that was to win. Playing for this team has given me the closest experience to what college baseball was like before I got there and has definitely helped me. The only regret I have is not playing for this team sooner, because I enjoy every second.

Bobby Ramsey – RHP
Sachem High School East – 2016
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Our family’s experience with the East Coast Lumberjacks has been nothing but positive. Coach Pembroke and his staff make their players development and helping them advance to the next level their top priority. They have worked hard to see that the team plays in the biggest and best tournaments on the east coast. Coach Pembroke knows that the exposure to other top teams would push his players to perform at their very best and give them the best opportunity to be seen by college coaches and scouts. The entire coaching staff believes that working hard is a priority and quitting is never an option. A BIG thank you to Coach Pembroke and all his work to help our son land a Division I school.

Steve & Dawn Holesa

Playing for the East Coast Lumberjacks has been one of the best experiences of my baseball career. Coach Pembroke and his assistants are all a fantastic group of coaches that get their players seen by the top schools in the nation. They treat us as individuals and care about our current development and future. Ryan takes a lot of care in building his team so I got to play with some great baseball players and lifelong friends. My experience with the team has been once in a life time opportunity. I would to thank Ryan and his staff for giving me the chance to play with them and helping me move to the next level.

Nick Holesa – 1B/3B/RHP
Huntingdon Area High School – 2018
College Commitment – Virginia Tech

My son and I met Ryan early this year in Arizona during a Baseball Factory event and Ryan immediately saw potential in Marcus pitching ability. It didn’t take long for me to make the decision to have Marcus play for Ryan and the Lumberjacks as his current travel teams he was playing on did not have the intense travel schedule or tournaments that Ryan puts together.

Once Marcus met the guys on the team and the coaching staff he felt like this is the team for him. Ryan has dedicated his time to make sure Marcus gets seen by as many collage coaches as possible during our short time after we met, which was amazing for both myself and Marcus. The overall all experience has been amazing and I would like to thank all the Coaches Ryan, Dan, Elliott and Joe in providing all the boys the platform to succeed and play in the next level.

I’m also happy to announce that my son Marcus has committed and will be playing for the University of Tennessee Martin in the fall of 2018 a DI school in the Ohio Valley Conference.

Thank you again to all the coaches!!

Tony Eusebio

My experience with the Lumberjacks this summer has been absolutely amazing. The coaching and the competition is all first class. The opportunity that the Lumberjacks gave me was absolutely amazing and I am 100% thankful for it. Ryan Pembroke is the man both on the field and off the field. He’ll get you the right exposure and he became a really great friend!

Marcus Eusebio – RHP
Passaic County Technical Institute – 2018
College Commitment – University of Tennessee Martin