2022 Team

No. Name Position(s) B/T Commitment
Liam Bowes 1B R/R Uncommitted
Evan Blanco LHP L/L University of Virginia (D1)
18 Colin Ruddy RHP R/R George Washington University (D1)
23 Nic Benhardt RHP R/R Uncommitted
6 Jack Quinlan C R/R Army West Point (D1)
13 Teddy Cashman 2B L/R Uncommitted
24 Matthew Carrera 3B R/R Uncommitted
5 Evan Virno 1B R/R Uncommitted
21 Ryan Cook RHP R/R Uncommitted
36 Bobby Finn LHP L/L Uncommitted
7 Brian Zbytniewski RHP R/R Uncommitted
15 Matt McGurk OF R/R Uncommitted
27 Brendan Duffy OF L/R Uncommitted
62 Matthew Martinez C R/R High Point University (D1)
19 Billy Steele RHP R/R Uncommitted
1 Brandon Peterson INF/OF/RHP L/R Uncommitted
22 Tucker Genovesi CF R/R High Point University (D1)
12 Bobby Loper RHP R/R Uncommitted
11 Connor McCreery RHP R/R Uncommitted
10 Christian Rice RHP R/R Wofford University (D1)
2 Michael McKinney SS R/R North Carolina State University (D1)
25 Kj Dow RHP R/R Uncommitted
14 Lj Bohne OF L/R Uncommitted
16 Michael Gaffney LHP L/L Uncommitted
29 Robert Evans LHP L/L North Carolina State University (D1)